Know Recipe Of Kawha With The Help Of Ajavain, Cumin, Fennel, Here Are Some Amazing Benefits


Natural and simple foods have always had a positive effect on human health. There are some of those foods which have been used for centuries. These foods are being used in the treatment against various types of diseases. Both science and medicine agree on the benefits to be gained from the consumption of certain herbs. According to experts, human health is directly related to food, what is being eaten and how it is being eaten, it is very important. If you want to live healthy and active life even after the use of food, then it is very important to detoxify the body. It is advised to drink as much water as possible. With the help of herbs and spices, the toxin present in the body is eliminated from the blood.

It also improves the ability of the body to work and also gets rid of diseases like obesity, high cholesterol level. Three ingredients of kitchen are very effective in seasonal diseases, obesity, stomach problem, cleaning the bowels and staying fit. Using coffee prepared from celery, cumin and fennel in the morning and evening gives protection to the body against many diseases including dissolving fat.


Kahwa Recipe and Method of Making

Take one-fourth spoon of carom seeds, one spoon of fennel and one spoon of cumin. Boil the water well in a pot and turn off the stove after boiling. Now, add all the three ingredients in fennel, cumin and celery cup and add boiling water and cover it for 12-15 minutes. Your mocha is ready, after that use it in the morning and in the night before sleeping. This mocha also has the capacity to lose 2-3 kg of weight in a month.

Benefits of coffee made from fennel, cumin, celery

Aniseed is the best medicine for diseases related to stomach and intestine, the use of fennel does not cause hunger for a long time. Cumin and celery are excellent for dissolving stubborn fat around the body and stomach. The use of celery keeps the cholesterol level balanced and removes excess fat from the body with food. The use of celery is said to be beneficial for women due to its heating in effect.

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