Imprisonment accused of PNB scam: First photo of fugitive diamond trader Mehul Chauksi in Dominica jail revealed; Red eye and hand bruises


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  • Photos of Fugitive Diamond Merchant Mehul Choksi Imprisoned In Dominica’s Prison Surfaced; Red Eyes And Bruises On Hand

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Mehul Choksi imprisoned in bars.

Accused of the multi-million-rupee Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam and fugitive diamond trader Mehul Choksi’s first photo has surfaced from Dominica’s jail. The incarcerated behind bars is seen in a sky-colored T-shirt. Fear and fear can be seen clearly on his face. The biggest thing is that there are bruises in his left eye. His eye is red. Also, bruises can be seen in his hand.

Dominica’s cabinet has discussed the issue related to Mehul Chowki. It also talked about Mehul’s presence in Dominica. The cabinet has decided that the vigilance will now be decided by the High Court of Dominica, where his lawyer has filed a petition for relief.

Dominica government has sought information from Antigua regarding citizenship
Dominica’s government said on Wednesday that the National Security Ministry has sought information from the Antigua government regarding Mehul Choksi’s citizenship and some other facts. The watchdog came to Dominica illegally. Right now he is in our custody, he is being interrogated. As soon as all the information is received, it will be handed over to Antigua.

Earlier, Antigua-Barbuda Prime Minister Geston Brown had asked the watchdog to be handed over to India. However, Dominica has spoken of the verdict only after investigation.

Mehul Choksi showing his hands behind bars.

Mehul Choksi showing his hands behind bars.

Choksi had accused of kidnapping and assault
According to media reports two days ago, Marsh Wayne, the attorneys at Domenica, said that he had met his client at the police station in the morning. According to the lawyer, Chawki alleged that he had been kidnapped in Dominica. The watchdog has also accused him of assault. Vigilance’s lawyer is about to file an appeal in the court for relief in the case.


Was careful to flee Cuba
The vigil was caught in Dominica on Tuesday, 25 May. Antigua media claimed in its report that the 62-year-old vigilante was trying to flee Cuba from Dominica, during which he was caught by the CID. According to sources, he had reached Dominica via boat from Antigua and Barbuda.

In the same way, there are many more.Interpol had released Yellow Notice
The vigil went missing from Antigua and Barbuda a few days ago. After this, Interpol issued a yellow notice against him. Later this notice was also retained by the Government of Antigua. After this, his search was intensified. Local media reports from Dominica said that the vigil was caught on Tuesday night.

Mehul Choksi showing injury marks on his hand.

Mehul Choksi showing injury marks on his hand.

Took citizenship of Antigua-Barbuda in 2017
The vigilance accused of the Rs 14,500 crore PNB scam had fled abroad in January 2018. It was later revealed that he had taken Antigua-Barbuda citizenship only in 2017. PNB is investigating the scam: Agencies like the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) are trying to extradite vigil. He has refused to appear in India citing ill health. Sometimes he is produced through video conferencing. Many of his properties in India have also been confiscated.

Nephew Nirav has got to bring India Clearance
The main accused in this scam is Nirav Modi, a nephew of the vigilante, in a London jail. His extradition has also been approved by the court and government there. But Nirav has challenged the extradition decision in the High Court of London. It may take 10 to 12 months for the High Court’s decision in this matter to come.

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