Hamilton vacationing in Dubai: 7-time Formula-1 champion performs dangerous sky-diving stunt in Dubai, shared video on social media


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  • Formula 1 Champion Lewis Hamilton Performs Skydiving Stunts In Dubai | Watch Video

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Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton performing a sky-diving stunt.

A record 7-time Formul-1 champion, Louis Hamilton, is vacationing in Dubai these days. He also performed a dangerous sky-diving stunt there. He has also shared the video of this on social media. British driver Hamilton will now be seen at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix to be held from 6 June.

Sky-diving Hamilton’s favorite time pass
Hamilton performed this sky-diving on a plane in Dubai. He said- I was learning sky diving for a long time. This is my favorite time pass. I performed it from the back side for the first time. After this I also went to practice in wind tunnel. I will tell about this in my next post.

Hamilton named the Spanish Grand Prix
Mercedes, the driver of the Mercedes team, recently created history by winning the Spanish Grand Prix. This is his 98th race win. Second in the world is Germany’s Michael Schumacher, who has won 91 races. The day before that, Hamilton made a world record by securing a pole position for the 100th time. Schumacher 68 and Brazil’s Ayrton Sena are second and third with 65 pole position wins.

Achieved world record by gaining pole position


There is a qualifying race before the main race. In this, the racer who comes at number one gets a chance to start from the pole position i.e. the frontrunner in the man race. After scoring a pole position century, Hamilton said that he felt as if he had registered his first career win. Words cannot express the happiness that I am receiving today or what I am feeling.

This is how world champions are made in Formula-1
Points are awarded to the top-10 team in every single Grand Prix race held in different countries every year. The winner gets the highest number and the second number less than that, similarly everyone gets points. In the end, the driver with the most points wins the title of World Champion. Hamilton won this title with the most points from the last 2 times. He also equaled Schumacher’s record of becoming World Champion 7 times.

This season, Hamilton has won 3 Grand Prix titles so far
The Formula-1 car racing 2021 season between the Coronaviruses began with the Bahrain Grand Prix race from 26 March. This time under the 71-year-old Formula-1, 23 Grand Prix races will be conducted in 8 months. Hamilton has won 3 Grand Prix races out of 5 held so far. Red Bull’s driver Max Verstappen is in second place with two wins.

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