From Ayaz Memon’s pen: ‘Power-Syndrome’ shows Sushil’s crime


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New Delhi19 minutes ago

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Ajay Memon

The arrest of wrestler Sushil Kumar last week on charges of murder is one of the most dramatic stories in sports history. The picture wearing handcuffs is a huge blow to his achievement and image. A two-time Olympic medalist, soft-spoken Sushil was the poster-boy of Indian wrestling, who had a reputation in the world and was an inspiration to budding wrestlers across the country. He worked tirelessly for two decades. Sadly, his aura was shattered in less than a month. He is accused of killing 23-year-old Sagar Dhankad, a former junior wrestler at Chhatrasal Stadium, a wrestling hub in North India. He is not the first sporting icon to suffer such a loss.

In 1994, American Football Legend O. J. Simpson was accused of killing wife Nicole Brown Simpson. A drama was created to capture Simpson, which was shown live on TV. It was one of the most controversial cases in American history.

D. in 2015 African Paralympic champion Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius was jailed on charges of murdering girlfriend Reva Steenkamp. Pistorius argued that he accidentally shot Steenkamp. After several twists in the case, Pistorius is still behind bars. Unlike Simpson and Pistorius, Sushil’s crime was not obsessive. It was not even an emotional crime. It shows the ‘power-syndrome’ theory, in which some people have a psychopathic desire to control others under complete control.


In the story of Sushil that came out in the last few weeks, he appeared to be an eccentric person who wants complete dominance over the people around him. The manner in which he dealt with the matter made him appear to be the leader of the crime syndicate rather than a sporting legend. They seemed to be the exact opposite of the person with whom I have met many times.

Sushil’s words after winning silver at the 2012 London Olympics were – Nothing can compare to the feeling of seeing the tricolor on the podium. He became an icon of Indian wrestling. However, he also had many controversies in his career. In which quarrel with Narasimha Yadav or because of them leaving the Chhatrasal Arena for many wrestlers. How can a person who has name, fame, money all commit such cruelty from which it is not possible to return? Nothing is known about human nature. But I am very shocked by the story of Sushil Kumar.

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