Defamation case dispute: KRK locked up Twitter account amid feud with Salman Khan and Micah Singh, in a post calling Salman a goon of Bollywood


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14 hours ago

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The self-proclaimed film Critical Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK, between actor Salman Khan and singer Mika Singh, has locked his Twitter account. They have changed the account settings to make it private. However, he has not stopped attacking both celebs. In his latest post, he called Salman a goon and challenged him that if he has the courage, he will come forward and fight.

I promise you will ruin your career: KRK

KRK wrote in the latest post, “Look bollywood goons bhai if you have the guts to fight then come forward and fight yourself. Don’t hide behind these Chirkut singers, Struggling actresses etc. I promise to ruin your career and you I’ll make a TV actor. This is your last time. “

What is the value of Anurag-Karan’s driver more than Micah?

In a post, KRK has targeted Micah Singh, writing, “This Chirkut, Gawar singer is calling himself Strong and Anurag Kashyap and Karan Johar are weak. The one brother of this look went to jail, then the other brother went to jail and then He himself went to jail. This is his position. Karan and Anurag’s drivers have more value than this. I am illiterate and nothing will fall. “


What is KRK’s dispute with Salman and Micah?

Recently, Salman Khan has filed a defamation suit against KRK. KRK claims that the case was caused by their negative review of ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’. While the legal team of Salman issued a statement, this claim was denied. The team says that this case has been done against KRK because they have called him corrupt to defame Salman and have accused his organization Being Human of fraud and money laundering.

In favor of Salman, Micah Singh also attacked KRK. He said in one of his statements, “I am surprised why Salman bhai took so long to file a case against him. A donkey like that should be taught a lesson as soon as possible. He always makes personal remarks, which is wrong.” ” Micah went on to say, “KRK is such a big mouse that he won’t get out of his bill. Because he knows he is going to slap as soon as he gets out.” Since then KRK has been making frequent comments on Micah and Salman. At the same time, Micah is also an attacker on KRK via social media.

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