Death of 3 fungus-infected simultaneously: Life due to heart attack; Black, white and yellow fungus was found in Ghaziabad patient, this was the first case of the country


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  • Death Of A Patient Due To Three Fungus Simultaneously. It Was The First Case Of The Country To Mix, Meteor And Yellow Fungus In Season; Family Bol Angiapaticin Secondary Leftover

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Ghaziabad36 minutes ago

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In Ghaziabad, the only patient of the country infected with all three fungi (Black, White and Yellow) died on Saturday. (File photo)

  • The family said – If amphotericin-B was injected, then it would have survived.

The only patient in the country infected with black, white and yellow fungus died on Saturday in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. This was the only case in the country in which all three fungi were found together in the same patient. Family members said that he had been wandering for an amphotericin-B injection for a week, but could not be found. If found, life could have been saved. According to the health department, the patient died of a heart attack.

At the age of 61, the oxygen level was reduced
Kunwar Pal, who lives in the G-block of Sanjaynagar, was 61 years old. From the beginning of the month of April, his lungs started to suffer. The oxygen level was also starting to drop significantly. He was cured after treatment, but later his nose suddenly began to bleed and the eyes increased swelling. After examining the doctors, it was found that they have symptoms of black fungus. Doctor BP Tyagi examined and found out that Kunwar Pal has white and yellow fungus along with black.

Families worried about injection
According to Kunwar Pal’s son, doctors asked for an amphotericin-B injection as soon as symptoms of the fungus were found. The injection got comfortable on the first day, but could not be found after this. He kept going around with administrative officers continuously for this, but there was no hearing. Meanwhile, his father’s condition continued to deteriorate and he died on Saturday.

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