Corona in the world: 3.98 lakh new cases in the past, 8,319 deaths; The number of new infected is the lowest in the last 82 days


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The pace of Corona is beginning to stop all over the world. After about 3 months in the world, the number of newly infected people reached below 4 lakh days. On Sunday, corona was confirmed among 3 lakh 98 thousand 811 people worldwide. Earlier, on March 9, 3.93 lakh people in the world were hit by Corona. On the previous day, 8,319 people died due to corona.

Italy has the lowest number of deaths since October
In Italy, 2,949 cases of corona were reported on the previous day and 44 people died. The number of single day deaths is the lowest since October last year. Earlier, by mid-October, there were an average of 40 to 50 deaths here. After this the figure was increased to leaps and bounds.

Preparation to make vaccination compulsory for NHS staff in the UK
In Britain, the government is preparing to make vaccination mandatory for NHS staff. Minister Nadhim Zahavi, who is responsible for the vaccination here, said that the government is churning this out. Soon we will come to some conclusion and will inform you about it.



  • Corona vaccination on a large scale in the US is producing good results. Americans are feeling safe. These days the weather in most states of America is pleasant. That’s why 40 million Americans have gone on a tourism trip. They can be seen visiting the beaches, historical and scenic places.
  • New variants of the virus have been confirmed in Vietnam amid growing cases of corona. It is claimed that it spreads rapidly through the air. Vietnam’s Health Minister Nguyen Than Long said that the first variant in this variant has strains similar to B.1.617 found in India and Britain.

17.10 crore cases so far
So far, more than 171 million people of corona in the world have been infected with the corona virus. Of these, over 35.56 lakh people have died, while 15.32 crore people have beaten Corona. At present, 1.43 crore people are undergoing treatment. Of these, 1.42 crore people have mild symptoms of corona and 92,057 people are in critical condition.

Top 10 countries, where most people have been infected so far

country Infected The deaths got well
America 34,043,068 609,544 27,840,884
India 28,046,957 329,127 25,684,529
Brazil 16,515,120 462,092 14,912,744
France 5,666,113 109,402 5,315,150
Turkey 5,242,911 47,405 5,105,042
Russia 5,063,442 121,162 4,677,870
Britain 4,484,056 127,781 4,287,708
Italy 4,216,003 126,046 3,851,661
Argentina 3,753,609 77,456 3,319,068
Germany 3,687,715 89,051 3,478,600

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