China in the Corner of Corona: Wuhan’s Lab Was Also Involved in China’s Military Activities, Former US Secretary of State Pompeo Claims


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  • Wuhan Lab’s Work Linked to Chinese Military Claimed Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

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Pressure has been increasing on China to investigate where the corona virus first came from. On the one hand, British scientists have claimed that the corona originated from the Wuhan lab in China and there is no evidence of it being naturally spread by bats. On the other hand, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has claimed that Wuhan Lab is also involved in activities related to China’s military.

Pompeo says that ‘I can say with certainty that he (Wuhan Lab) was involved in the work related to the People’s Liberation Army. Military-related activities that were taking place in the lab were described as civilian research. He refused to give us information about it. He even refused to tell the World Health Organization (WHO) about it.

Australian expert said- China betrayed the world’s scientists
Questions have been raised since the beginning of the Corona virus on China and now international pressure is increasing. A day earlier, British scientists claimed to have leaked the corona virus from Wuhan Lab. Earlier on 26 May, Australia’s Director of Endocrinology Professor Nikolai Petrovskai of Flanders Medical Center said that China had betrayed the world’s scientific fraternity.


Last week, the US also asked China to further investigate the possibility of the virus leaking from the Wuhan lab. However, China said that the origin of the corona virus from Wuhan is incorrect. Rather, it is a conspiracy hatched by the Intelligence Agencies of America.

China did not give complete data to WHO
The WHO team has also investigated the virus leak from Wuhan, but they did not find any evidence of this. However, China kept a close watch on the WHO team during the Jant. Members of the investigation team also said that China had refused to give key data related to the initial infection of the corona.

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