China changed 2 child policy in 5 years: now allow 3 children to be born in China, decided to slow down the population growth rate in 71 years


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  • China Three child Policy Update; Xi Jinping Govt Announced Each Couple Would Be Permitted To Have Up To Three Children

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BeijingOne hour ago

China has changed its two child policy in 5 years. According to the Chinese government, now married couples have been allowed to have three children. China has taken this decision when its population growth rate has been the slowest since 1950.

Census is done once in a decade in China, according to which the population growth rate has been the slowest in the last decade. Understand the reason for this decision of China in 5 questions…

1. When was the decision taken on the new policy regarding children?
China’s Xinhua News Agency said that in a recent meeting of the Politburo, a decision has been taken on the policy of 3 children. The meeting was chaired by Chinese President Xi Jinping. It was said in the meeting that this decision has been taken to strengthen the population structure of China. Along with this, there will be some other reforms. Through them, the problem of aging population in China will be solved. Along with this, China also wants to maintain its manpower advantage. However, what will be the second steps of reform has not been clarified.

2. What policies were made about children in China?
The first policy on children in China was enacted in the late 70s. It was then decided that married couples would be able to have only one child. This decision was taken to curb the country’s rapidly growing population. This policy was changed in 2016 and the limit of one child was increased to 2 children. Now after 5 years the policy was changed again. Now the Three Child Policy has been implemented in China.

3. What has changed in China’s population growth rate?
The Chinese government released the 10-year census data on May 11, 20 days ago. The census work was completed only last year, but the figures have been released now and that too less. However, according to these figures, China’s population growth rate between 2011 and 2020 was 5.38%. In 2010 it was 5.84%. Apparently, the population growth rate was low and now Chinese experts are not considering it as a good sign for the country.

Some experts consider this to be the reverse effect of the ‘One Child Policy’ adopted in 1979. However, this policy was abolished in 2016. But, now the couples here have become accustomed to it. According to the latest figures, the population of China is currently 1 billion 41 million. 72 million more than in 2010. The first census in China was conducted in 1953. It has the lowest population growth rate since then. And this is also the reason for Beijing’s freedom.


4. What is the reaction of the people of China to the new child policy?
Annie Zhang, a 26-year-old insurance professional from Shanghai, married in April last year. He told that having a child is a harmful decision for career development of women at my age. Secondly, the cost of raising a child (in Shanghai) is very high, it is like snatching our freedom somewhere.

According to a 2005 report by a think-tank, raising a child for a typical family in China cost 490,000 yuan ($74,838). Local media reported that by 2020 this spending has increased four-fold to 1.99 million yuan now.

5. What apprehensions have been expressed by other countries about China?
According to the report of the New York Times, the Chinese government is now beginning to fear that in the future there will be a shortage of suitable work force in the country. Last year 1.2 million children were born in China. According to Ning Jinze, the chief census officer in the country – we are witnessing a declining birth rate of children for four years. This cannot be said to be a good sign for the future.

According to the report, China is the second largest economy and super power in the world. If the work force decreases at this pace, then the geographical situation will also change rapidly. This will also have a direct impact on economic growth and the army. Jinje believes that the decrease in the number of elderly people compared to the youth in China is also a cause for concern. This will increase expenses and reduce income. Expenditure on pension and other measures will have to be increased.

Woman with children in a park in Wuhan. According to a report, China’s youth are giving more importance to the career than the family.

Marriage age too much
In the same report, since 2014, the average age of marriage in China has been increasing. That is, youngsters are not getting married at the right age. It is directly related to birth rate. Not only this, the trouble is double. At another time, where the youth are getting married lately, since 2003, the number of those getting divorces has increased very fast. To reduce this growing trend, special courses are being introduced in schools and colleges on the importance of family and children.

Some reasons for this problem of China

  • The maternity rate is 1.3%. Roughly, couples do not want more than one child.
  • Gender gap increased due to one child policy. Daughters were feticide. Currently, there are about 112 males to 100 females. In 2010 it was 118 males to 100 females. That is, the situation got better in this case.
  • Youth are focusing a lot on education and career. Many times they get away from family in the process of making a career.

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