Chanakya Policy: Learn to be light for big goals, there is a hidden bond in facilities


Acharya Vishnugupta Chanakya’s contemplation and character are exemplary for all. The more stable and firm he was in thoughts, the more active he was in social life. He kept himself ready to leave anywhere at any moment. He molded the lifestyle in such a way that nothing was burdensome.

He traveled between Magadha to Taxila more than three times. He made several trips to the frontier states in the war with Alexander. In these journeys, stay yourself in such a way that it is done in normal days. The yatras strengthened his thinking. If Chanakya wanted, innumerable elephants could come anywhere with horses and military force. All border states were bowling before him. Chanakya kept his thought style and style sharp by keeping a parallel distance from the facilities.


In today’s era, Chanakya’s lifestyle matters a lot. People are getting deeply involved from small to big household items to big facilities. In such a situation, they have to think in several steps before leaving anywhere or taking important decisions suddenly. Due to increasing excess of facilities, the effect of invisible bondage in life is beginning to be seen. This affects the thinking process as well. People seem to be busy in the hustle and bustle of just living life. They cannot even imagine moving out of a fixed lifestyle. In such a situation, it is almost impossible for the people to get out of these and extinguish themselves in big efforts.

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