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Many times people feel tingling in hand and feet. Because of which the feet fall asleep or feel like current for some time. Although this is not a serious problem, but in medicine it is called Paresthesia. Its effect occurs in some parts of the body such as feet, fingers, hands and soles. Now this question must be coming in your mind, why does this happen after all? Is there any big reason behind this? Let’s know

Tingling in hand and feet causes

1- Many times this can happen by keeping the body in the same state for a long time.
2 – due to any injury to the groin or neck
3- problem can also occur due to arthritis
4- Due to lack of potassium and calcium in the body
5- Due to deficiency of any vitamin in the body
6- It is also due to some medicines.
7- It can also occur due to excessive effect on the nerves in the body.
8 – Any animal bite
9- It is also caused by smoking and drinking too much alcohol
10- It can also happen during chemotherapy
Sometimes the problem of tingling in hands and feet can also be felt due to migraine, diabetes, epilepsy, thyroid or stroke.


Symptoms of tingling in extremities

You will feel stinging when there is a tingling in the hands and feet. Any part of the body will become numb. Weakness and fatigue will be felt in the body. The body may get cold. Along with this, the main symptom is a tingling in the hands and feet.

tingling in hands and feet treatment

First of all, you have to find out what is causing the tingling in your hands and feet. If this is happening due to deficiency of any vitamin in the body, then you should take supplements on the advice of the doctor. If this problem is happening due to some infection, then you should immediately consult a doctor. Even if you are getting this from any medicine, tell the doctor. Get your sugar level and blood pressure checked as well. Also pay attention to your posture and routine. Exercise regularly and do yoga.

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