Astrology: These elements are helpful in increasing luck, luck shines by increasing


If these things are extended and improved in life, then luck will increase. Tourism has been more religious in India for centuries. Also, people used to travel for business. Presently, people travel to make the mind-brain tension free. Travel in any way enhances the experience of the person. Experience helps in building fortune.

Affluence is the luck factor in itself. The collection of prudent wealth brings good fortune. Literature creation and creativity keep the person effective for a long time. Luck also has to be longevity. There is a close destiny of governance. The person gets respect, honor and strength. With this, he can achieve success in all fields. Currently, people associated with government service and related functions are considered better than others.

Conscience of sin and virtue is most important in luck growth. Destiny prevails only by virtue. According to the legend of Mahabharata, Dharmaraja Yudhishthira performed a great yagya. A mongoose also came in it. Half the body of the mongoose was of gold. He took the prasad of Yudhishthira’s yagna but it was not completely gold. At this, he called Yudhishthira’s yagna as inferior to the donation of a hungry Brahmin who had become half gold after eating it.

From this story, Yudhishthira understood that the importance of the weak has to do something for others, even more than the great virtuosity of the potential. By understanding the above facts deeply and adopting it in life, luck can be made strong.


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