Asia’s condition: a new airborne variant found in 30 regions of Vietnam, the country that survived the epidemic, there new concern increased


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  • A New Variant Found In The Air Spread In 30 Areas Of Vietnam, In The Countries That Survived The Epidemic, The New Variant Raised Concern

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This is the Andaz-e-Jashn travel bubble… Australian PM Scott Morrison arrives in New Zealand. Celebrating the travel bubble, he greeted the Maori in traditional style with the New Zealand PM.

  • 7 variants have been found in Vietnam; 61% of cases and deaths increased by 20% in a week

Vietnam’s strategy in dealing with the first wave of Corona was praised worldwide. The virus that started from China also could not spread to the neighboring country of Vietnam. But now the new variant found here has raised concern. This is similar to the variant’s Stan B.1.617. It is claimed that the virus spreads rapidly in the air.

This variant has increased 61% of Corona cases and 20% deaths in a week in Vietnam. Vietnam’s Health Minister Nguyen Than Long reported that this variant grows rapidly in the throat and rapidly spreads to the surrounding environment. Long says that the new variant of the Corona has spread to more than 30 areas. Therefore many restrictions have been imposed in these areas. There is a ban on congestion in big cities. Religious programs have also been banned.


Public parks, restaurants, bars, clubs and spas are also closed. So far 6908 corona cases have been reported in Vietnam. 2829 has been fixed. While only 47 people have died. At the same time, Estrogenica-Oxford’s Corona vaccine is being installed in Vietnam with a population of 97 million.

Asia: case increases in 15 countries, UAE, Bhutan’s situation deteriorated

In the last one week, cases have increased rapidly in 15 countries of Asia. The worrisome situation persists in Afghanistan, UAE, Myanmar, Bhutan and Bangladesh. 123% of cases in Afghanistan, 76% of cases in Myanmar, 87% of cases in Bhutan, 49% in Cambodia, 38% of cases in Malaysia, 33% in UAE. Cases have increased by 14% in Kuwait and 11% in Saudi Arabia. Of these, 95% of deaths in Afghanistan have risen.

New variant unlock scheme in Britain may be a hindrance

Corona’s B1.617 variant (format) could become a major hurdle in the UK’s unlock plan. This has been claimed by Professor Tim Gowers of Cambridge University’s Department of Mathematics. He said that cases of B.1.617 type in Britain doubled in a week to about seven thousand. This may derail the unlock plan. It is known that 23% cases and 44% deaths have been reported in the UK in the last one week.

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