Airport Privatization: Gautam Adani Group Increased Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Airport Charges By 10 Times | 10 times increase in charge at Lucknow airport, in preparation to increase the charge at the rest of the airport.


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  • Airport Privatization: Gautam Adani Group Increased Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Airport Charges By 10 Times

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Mumbai9 hours ago

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  • Adani Group won the tender to operate 6 government airports in 2019
  • Adani Enterprises will manage these airports for the next 50 years

Adani Group has increased the charge of Lucknow Airport in Uttar Pradesh by 10 times. Along with this, there is a plan to increase the charge at more airports in the country in the coming time. The Adani Group won the tender to operate 6 government airports in 2019.

Tender has been won for 50 years

The Adani Group of Gujarat won the bid for 6 airports for 50 years in the year 2019. Under this, she will operate and manage these airports. According to the information, the company has increased the turnaround charge at Lucknow airport by 10 times. Aviation experts believe that in addition to the company in the coming days, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Mangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, Guwahati, etc. can also increase the charge at the airport in a similar way.

Actually, increasing this charge will not directly affect the passengers, but when this charge will be charged from the airlines companies, then they can charge it from the passengers. Turnaround charge means the movement of aircraft and others. There are many types of charge in it.

The government decides the charge directly at the rest of the airport

Whatever is the charge on the rest of the airports of the country, they are either decided by the government or the Airport Economic Regulatory Authority (AERA) decides. It is the authority ground handling company that works to increase the charge. But now, wherever the Adani Group has won the bid, it decides the charge.


Charges fixed for up to 5 years

AERA fixes any charge for five years. In the case of Lucknow Airport, this 5-year time limit had expired last year. The Adani Group then won it in a bid and raised the charge this year. However, experts say that there is no reason to increase this heavy charge. Because there has been no upgrade in the quality of services nor there has been any improvement in services.

Charges are increasing since airport privatization

In fact, after airport privatization, the airport charges constantly keep increasing and the airlines companies also oppose it. The International Air Transport Association and Federation of Indian Airlines had also opposed such hefty charges in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. In the year 2018, the government also made some changes in the bidding rules. In this, the change was made on the revenue sharing that it should be fixed on the revenue model of each passenger. The Delhi and Mumbai airports are given on the revenue sharing model.

Adani Enterprises manages

Adani Enterprises of the Adani Group manages the airport. She pays Rs 171 per passenger to the Airport Authority for Lucknow. Whereas for Ahmedabad it pays Rs 177 and for Jaipur Rs 174. In Lucknow, 55 lakh passengers come and go to the airport annually. This means that the Airport Authority gets Rs 94 crore annually from Adani. While Lucknow Airport had a profit of Rs 79 crore annually before Adani.

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