Why Rohit failed overseas: Coach Dinesh Lad said – Due to overconfidence in Australia, there is no shortage in his technique


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New DelhiOne hour agoAuthor: Rajkishore

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Rohit (left) with his coach Dinesh Lad (right) in a private event.

In the second Test being played in Chennai between India and England, opener Rohit Sharma hit a career-high 7th century. He alone scored 49% or 161 runs out of India’s 329 in the first innings. However, he has hit all the centuries on the Indian pitch. Rohit has scored 1504 runs in 23 innings in India at an average of 83.56. At the same time, he has scored 945 runs at an average of 27 in 37 innings on foreign land. They are also being questioned for not playing big innings abroad. In such a situation, Bhaskar spoke to Rohit’s coach Dinesh Lad …

Question: Why does Rohit not play big innings on foreign soil?
Answer: Rohit also has the ability to play big innings abroad. There is no flaw in his batting technique. He stayed on the wicket during the tour of Australia, but could not convert it into a big innings. Actually, they were shooting shots over confidence. This led to his dismissal. In the ODI World Cup in England, he had scored 5 centuries. He has proved himself in ODIs and T20s. In such a situation, saying that Rohit cannot play on the bouncy pitch is wrong. In the coming times, he will also be successful in scoring a century on foreign pitches.


Question: Did you talk after returning from Australia tour?
Answer: Yes, I talked to him after returning from Australia tour. He said that he wanted to score runs to move the scoreboard. So trying to take risk.

Question: Rohit scored 161 runs in the second Test. What will you say?
Answer: Rohit batting Test friendly. His technique was according to the test. He stayed on the wicket and gave time, so he succeeded. The ball that must be dropped, released. He shot on the person to be shot. He did not repeat the mistake he made in the first Test against England. Foot movement was also fine. So he managed to score big.

Question: Rohit did not play in the first test. What mistake did he make in this test?
Answer: Joffra Archer bowled quite well. He was getting bounced off the pitch. The batsman had no option but to play that ball. Had there been another batsman in the world in place of Rohit, he would have played those balls. Rohit did not play the wrong shot in the first innings. However, his technique was wrong in the second innings. Rohit tried to play the shot of Jack Leach standing in his place. Because of this he became bold. There was no movement in the leg.


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