WHO team returns empty-handed: China refuses to give Corona data to experts, pressures government to obey


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New York5 hours ago

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The WHO team went to Hunan Market in Wuhan to investigate. After 12 days of investigation, the team rejected the theory that the virus had leaked from the lab.

China, which hid the Corona case, is now accused of not providing patients’ data. Chinese scientists refused to share RAW data with the World Health Organization (WHO) team in Wuhan, which traced the virus’s origin. He also pressurized the government to obey what he said. The WHO gave this information on Friday.

According to the WHO, with the help of this data, the origin of the corona virus can be approached. New York Times recently returned from Wuhan, citing experts who said that the situation on the patients’ records and other issues used to be very tense. At times, both sides became a debate-like situation.

Early days information
The team also said that China objected to information about Corona’s early days. This made it difficult for him to obtain hidden evidence. This information can help prevent dangerous diseases such as corona in the future.

Denmark’s Epidemiologist Thia Kölsen Fischer, who joined the team, said that if you are confident and professional with the data, then getting the data is the same as a doctor looking at the patient with eyes.

He said that the Chinese officers asked the WHO team to accept the government’s statement about the origin of the virus. It also includes talk of Corona spreading to China from abroad. On this, the scientists of the team said that they would avoid taking any decision without data.

Pressure on China to investigate
Dr. Fisher said that everyone knows how much pressure China is under investigation and how much it can be blamed. Regarding when the virus started spreading, the team said that it had no evidence yet that there was a virus before China.


92 patients admitted to admit in October 2019
Chinese scientists admitted that 92 people with fever and cough-like symptoms were admitted to the hospital in Wuhan in early October 2019. He found no evidence of corona in those people, but his tests were incomplete.

Beijing was criticized for not trying to suppress the case and prevent the spread of the virus. This spread the virus all over the world. It is said that Corona’s first patient in China was traced on 17 November, but China told the world about it 21 days later on 8 December.

Reduced reliance on late antibody tests
Fisher said he hoped that many people with corona symptoms would be found in a city like Wuhan. The WHO team asked Chinese scientists for more searches. The team also expressed concern about the reliability of the antibody test long after the infection. Dwyer said that I think it started in China. There is some evidence of it spreading out here, but it is very weak.

Theory of virus leaking from lab rejected
The WHO team went to Hunan Market in Wuhan to investigate. It is believed that Corona was found here first. After a 12-day investigation, the team rejected the theory that the virus had leaked from a lab.

According to the Washington Post, Denmark’s WHO food safety expert Peter Ben Ambreck, who led the team, said they would not recommend further investigation on the theory that the virus was accidentally leaked from a lab.

More than 10 crore patients, 2.3 million deaths
In December 2019, a new type of corona virus was identified in some patients with pneumonia-like symptoms in Wuhan. It was later renamed Kovid-19. Gradually the disease spread throughout the world. More than 10 crore people were hit. 2.3 million people died. The then US President Donald Trump blamed China for this by calling the new virus a Chinese virus.


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