WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2021; What Will Happen If You Do Not Accept Terms Of Service And Privacy Policy Till May 15 | The company started the campaign by giving the right information to the users, read what will happen if we do not accept the policy by May 15


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  • WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2021; What Will Happen If You Do Not Accept Terms Of Service And Privacy Policy Till May 15

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  • The policy will be made aware by showing the banner on the chat window
  • Due to the protest, the company has set a deadline to accept the policy on May 15.

WhatsApp has been in controversy for a long time regarding its new privacy policy. Many users started switching to other platforms in protest against this. Although the company had confirmed last week that they would go ahead with the policy update, but not without giving satisfactory information to the users. But do you know what will happen if you do not accept this new policy of WhatsApp by 15 May. The company has provided the answers to all these questions on its Facebook blog.

What will happen if we do not accept the new policy?

  • If users have not accepted the new privacy policy of WhatsApp till May 15, then WhatsApp will not delete the user’s account immediately. However, the company says that it will not get the benefit of all the functions until the policy is accepted.
  • For some time, users will be able to receive calls and notifications, but neither will be able to read nor send messages from the app. Some time means that even if users do not accept the policies, they will be able to use WhatsApp for a few weeks.
  • Apart from this, WhatsApp will also provide some more options to users. Users will be able to get updates of the app even after 15 May. Before May 15, you will be able to export your chat history to Android or iPhone. Along with this, you can also download account report.
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Deleted account will not be able to recover
If you delete your account from your Android, iPhone or KaiOS device, it will not be able to be recovered. Your messages and data will be completely deleted and you will also be removed from all WhatsApp groups. According to the company, WhatsApp backup will also be deleted.

WhatsApp started the campaign to give the right information to the user
The company stated that “We have heard from a lot of people that there is confusion regarding our recent updates. To resolve this we want to help everyone understand our principles and facts.”
WhatsApp has started a new campaign to tell users about the new policy. WhatsApp will now show a small banner at the top of the chat window. WhatsApp will start showing small banners for users in a week or two. Through the banner, WhatsApp will inform users how to change policies and how much information WhatsApp will collect from users.
Users will be given the option to review the policies first and then accept them. The banner will appear at the top of the chat and users will have to click on ‘Tap to review’. Once the rollout occurs, WhatsApp will remind users to read the privacy conditions and then accept the new update.

What was the matter
In January, WhatsApp informed users via its in-app notification about its new privacy policy coming into force on 8 February. WhatsApp also said that if users do not accept the policy, they will lose access to their WhatsApp account. Earlier, the deadline for accepting this policy was 8 January. However, due to the ongoing protests, the company has extended its date to May 15.


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