What Is A Health Card And What Its Process, Know Everything


The central government has launched the ‘One Nation One Health Card’ scheme under the National Digital Health Mission. This scheme is considered a very important step in the field of health. Health cards of the people of the country are going to be made under this scheme. With this card, many problems related to people’s health will be removed.

What is health card
The health card will contain every information related to the health of the person. Information will be registered in digital form. This includes tests done during treatment, doctor’s report, discharge report, etc. Due to all the information in this card, the patients will not have to take files, reports etc. to the doctor and collecting all the health information in one place will make the treatment easier.

Process to make health card
Health cards can be made online. For this, Health ID can be created by visiting the official website of National Digital Health Mission. It can be created through both Aadhaar and mobile number. Both options are given on the website. By choosing one of these options, their numbers have to be filled. After this, its OTP will come on the mobile number. After entering the OTP, you have to fill the information sought in the details and click on submit and after this your health card ID will be created. It will contain all the information about your health and you will be able to use it in future.


What is the eligibility for making a health card
Any citizen of the country can make a health card. There is no restriction on anyone. This person depends on the desire whether he wants to get a health card or not.

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