Valentine’s Day Special: Sunil Dutt jumped into the fire to save Nargis’s life, these stars also managed to make their love story difficult


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  • Valentine’s Day Special: Sunil Dutt Jumped Into The Fire To Save Nargis’s Life, These Stars Also Successfully Managed Their Lovestory

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Many beautiful love stories have been shown in Bollywood films onscreen, but there are some Bollywood stars whose films can be made on offscreen love stories as well. On the special occasion of Valentine’s Day, let us know how the perfect love stories of stars-

Sunil Dutt – Nargis

Nargis, one of Bollywood’s most successful actresses, was the love of actor Sunil Dutt at first sight. Sunil was sitting on his heart after seeing the beautiful Nargis, but while Nargis was a popular actress at the time, Sunil was at the starting point of his career. The two got a chance to work together in the 1957 film Mother India. But the occasion was also where Sunil got the role of Nargis’s son. The film proved to be the biggest hit of Nargis’s career, on the other hand, it became a big breakthrough for Sunin’s career.

During the shooting of the film Nargis was trying to emerge from a breakup with Raj Kapoor and Sunil was being impressed by her. Meanwhile, the moment came when Sunil settled in the eyes of Nargis. The set caught fire badly during the shooting. During this accident, Sunil saved Nargis’ life by putting his life at stake. Nargis and Sunil became good friends after this accident. Nargis repaid this favor by taking Sunil’s sister to the hospital. Nargis herself got the actor operated, which brought the two closer.

One day, leaving Nargis home, Sunil decides to propose him. Sunil had thought that if Nargis would reject his proposal, he would leave everything and go back to his village. but that did not happen. Nargis immediately agreed to the marriage. After marriage, they had three children Sanjay Dutt, Priya Dutt and Namrata. Nargis was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after 23 years of marriage. Despite long treatment, Nargis could not survive and died in 1981.

Shahrukh Khan- Gauri

The story of Shahrukh Khan, the king of Bollywood, is no less than a film love story. The two first met in 1984 at a common friend’s party. At that time Shahrukh was a student of the school. Shahrukh falls in love with Gauri at first sight and is determined to make Gauri his life partner. When Shah Rukh asked Gauri to dance at the party, he refused, saying that he already had a boyfriend, though it was just a lie. Shahrukh did not step back even after hearing that he was a boyfriend.

Gradually the two became friends and the relationship started. The actor became so positive for Gauri that she was also forbidden to open her hair and talk to other boys. Upset about this, Gauri decided to go to Mumbai without telling him. Shahrukh, mad in Gauri’s love, went to Mumbai to find him with 10 thousand rupees from his mother. During this time, the actor had to spend many nights in the pavement.

One day suddenly both met in between. Seeing each other, they understood that it is not possible to live without each other. Shah Rukh was a straggling actor at that time, despite both of them decided to get married. Gauri was a girl from a large family, for whom it was difficult to marry. Gauri’s father was enraged after hearing of the relationship between the two. The different religion of both was also coming in the way of their relationship, in which Shah Rukh acted in front of his family to become a Hindu. After several pleas, Gauri’s family agreed. What happened next is a memorable anecdote for everyone.

Sharmila Tagore- Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi

Bollywood actor Sharmila Tagore’s love story has been like a fairytale. The heir of the Pataudi family and Indian cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan and Sharmila first met at a common friend’s party. Both of them talked deeply on each other’s heart. While the actress was completely unaware of cricket, Mansoor also confessed that she did not watch a single film of Sharmila. After two-three visits, the two fell madly in love with each other. To impress Sharmila, Mansoor used to send fridges and other items, not chocolates or bouquets. Gradually the two met. During the shooting of the film Evening in Paris, Mansoor also reached Paris to meet the actress.


Once, Mansoor, who was going to Ahmedabad on a cricket tour, had come to leave the airport after taking a break from shooting Sharmila. In between things, Mansoor asked her if she would go with him. Sharmila quickly agreed and reached Ahmedabad to hang out with her without any baggage. After a few months of meeting, when Mansoor proposed Sharmila for marriage, the actress made a bet that he would marry only when he hit three consecutive sixes in the next match. What was it then, Mansoor accepted the challenge and convinced Sharmila to marry three consecutive sixes in the next match. The Nawab family was against their relationship due to separation of religion, but Sharmila kept her name Ayesha Sultan for marriage and converted to religion.

Dharmendra – Hema Malini

Bollywood’s love story of Man Dharmendra and Dreamgirl Hema Malini has been like a drama film. There were many obstacles in their relationship. The duo’s closeness grew during the blockbuster film Sholay. But Dharmendra was already married at that time and had children as well. Despite this, both came to be liked onscreen and offscreen. But there was a problem in their relationship when Dharmendra’s first wife Prakash Kaur refused to divorce him.

Meanwhile, Hema Malini’s name started joining Rajiv Kapoor and Jeetendra. Even Hema was about to marry Jeetendra, but Dharmendra was not ready to lose his love. Despite being the first wife, it was not possible for the actor to get married in the second place, so Dharmendra became a Muslim to get a second marriage.

Anushka Sharma – Virat Kohli

Bollywood actress and cricketer Virat Kohli’s love story has had many ups and downs. The two met during an ad shoot, not at a stadium or film set. The two were cast together for a shampoo ad, where the two first came face to face. The cricketer was extremely nervous when he shared the screen with Anushka, and at the same time he saw that Anushka wearing heels is looking longer than him. To normalize the atmosphere, Virat cracked the jokes on the heels, but Anushka gave a strange reaction on hearing this. Virat became more nervous after watching the faded reaction of the actress.

After the first meeting in 2013, the dating of both of them started, though both did not publicly acknowledge this. Anushka was spotted at Team India’s hotel during the Africa Cricket Tour in 2014, which brought the relationship into discussion. The same year the two were seen holding each other’s hands in New Zealand, which gave the relationship a confirmation. Both of them made their relation public at the end of the year. During a match, Virat, after scoring a century against Sri Lanka, was given a flying kiss after watching Anushka sitting in the crowd of the audience, which made both the headlines.

Virat wanted to marry Anushka as soon as possible, but the story of the two was not easy. When Virat proposed marriage to Anushka, Sultan had signed the film at that time. Virat wanted Anushka to refuse to film and marry, but the actress was not ready for it. When Virat pressured them, the actress retreated after seeing this attitude and both of them broke up. After being separated from each other for a few months, the news of their linkup started again. But this time both of them got married. Recently, a small daughter was born to Virat and Anushka.


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