Valentine’s Day Special: From ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ to ‘Veer Zaara’, these Bollywood blockbuster love stories taught people to love


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Many beautiful love stories have been shown by the Bollywood industry, which have always been Evergreen. On the special occasion of Valentines Day, let us see which are the best love story films.


The movie Mughal-e-Azam, released in 1960, is a musical romance film. In this film, Anarkali and Shahzade Salim’s beautiful, difficult and incomplete lovestory is shown. It took a total of 14 years to make this historical film which was released in black and white. The film was later re-released with Color. It was the most expensive film of that time. The film, made for Rs 1.5 crore, had a tremendous box office collection of Rs 11 crore. It was shown in the film that Shehzade Salim of the Mughal Sultanate falls in love with Anarkali who dances in the palace. Salim’s father Akbar is against the relationship of the two. Akbar declares war against his son against love.


The multistarrer film Masaan depicts many stories. The film features Vicky Kaushal and Shweta Tripathi’s incomplete lovestory. The story of their love is very beautiful. While Vicky alias Deepak Chaudhary works in the ghat to burn the corpse, Shweta aka Shalu Gupta belongs to a good family. Despite the status gap, the two confess to each other but after a road accident of regret Deepak comes to burn the body of his girlfriend Shalu. Along with this, the story of Richa Chadha aka Devi Pathak, who is caught physical by police with her boyfriend in a hotel, is caught. Fearing embarrassment, Devi’s boyfriend commits suicide in the same hotel after which she spends her entire life in remorse.


The 2012 film Barfi is a cute love story. It is shown in the beginning of the film that Barfi falls in love with Shruti, a beautiful girl, played by Ileana Dikruz. Shruti’s mother turns Gungi deaf Barfi’s love and gets her married elsewhere. Barfi robs the bank to treat his father where he accidentally kidnaps a flimsy Chatterjee, who is not as common as Barfi. When Barfi leaves Jhilmil after receiving the money, she refuses to leave. Barfi later arrives in Calcutta with Jhilmil hiding from the police where he again meets his first love Shruti. While comparing herself to Shruti, Jhilmil suddenly disappears, after which Barfi realizes that Jhilmil is her true love. Barfi finds Jhilmil after a long struggle and spends his life with him and dies.

Two state

The Bollywood film Two State Inter Cast is based on marriage. The film featured a love story of Krisha and South Indian Ananya who belong to Punjabi family. When it comes time to convert college love into marriage, both of them have to face the sharp questions and attitude of the family. The story of the film is based on how Krrish and Ananya celebrate the family while remaining adamant in front of the family. The film had Arjun Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amrita Singh and Ronit Roy in the lead roles.


Rock Star

Rockstar, directed by Imtiaz Ali, is a beautiful love story, although like many films Rockstar does not end on Happy Ending. The film is the story of a straightforward boy named Janardhan. Janardhan (Ranbir Kapoor) wanted to become a rockstar who gets advice from the hotelier that heartbroken people become good rockstars. Hearing this, Janardhan goes to Heer, the most popular girl in the college, played by Nargis Fakri. In the midst of this drama, Janardhan gets in love with Heer when he was getting married to someone else. Janardhan comes back to become a popular singer. The two again come close in the pollen, though Heer’s married life stops them. When Jordan aka Janardhan comes to know of healer’s disease aplastic anemia, the two spend the last few moments together. Meanwhile, Heer becomes pregnant due to which she goes into a coma and dies. Heer’s family holds Jordan responsible for his death.


Akash and Vani’s college love story is shown in the film Akashvani. In the beginning of the film, both of them have shown a very beautiful and romantic story. Later, when Akash goes abroad for further progress, Vani has to forcefully marry in the family pressure. Even after moving from relationship, Vani is not able to be happy in her married life as a dominating husband. When Akash comes back, he feels sad to hear about Vani’s wedding. The two meet again at a college reunion where their incomplete love is reunited. On the way back, Vani goes against her family and raises her voice against her husband. The film relates with every person in the country who has to give up his love for the family.

Veer Zaara

The 2004 film Veer-Zara is a love story of people from two enemy countries. Indian pilot Veer meets Pakistani Zara during an accident. Zara comes to India alone to immerse her grandmother’s ashes where her bus has an accident. After saving Zara, Veer takes him to his village. During the beautiful journey, both of them become in love with each other. When Veer leaves him to the station, he meets Zara’s fiancee Raza Shaji. Before marriage, Veer takes him to Pakistan where he is forced to send him to jail after being considered an Indian spy. The love story of the two ends here. But after many years the two meet again. When Samiya, a lawyer fighting Veer’s case, reunites the two, it is learned that Zara had been living alone as Veer for several years.


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