Turbocharged-Petrol Cars List Under Rs 8 Lakh India Update; Nissan Magnite Tata Nexon to Renault Kiger Tata Altroz ​​| 8 turbo-petrol cars available for less than Rs. 8 lakhs, from Nissan Magnite to Mahindra XUV300


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  • Turbocharged Petrol Cars List Under Rs 8 Lakh India Update; Nissan Magnite Tata Nexon to Renault Kiger Tata Altroz

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After the new emission norms were introduced, most manufacturers decided to reduce the engine size to follow the rules, which is better for both the environment and the car manufacturer as smaller engines offer better fuel efficiency.

However, smaller engines are less powerful. As a solution to this, manufacturers turned to turbo engines. Turbo engines are more powerful than regular ones. Currently, turbocharged petrol engines are also available in compact cars. Here we have prepared a list of turbocharged petrol cars, which cost less than 8 lakh rupees in the Indian market. See list …

1. Volkswagen Polo Turbo Edition
Recently, the company has introduced the turbo edition of Volkswagen Polo in the Indian market, making it the most economical turbo-petrol car available in the market. Its ex-showroom price is 6.99 lakh rupees (ex-showroom). It is the only turbo-petrol polo variant so far, priced under 8 lakh rupees. The car’s 1.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine generates 110 PS and 175 Nm of power output. It is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox.

2. Nissan Magnite Turbo
Before the introduction of the Volkswagen Polo Turbo Edition, the Nissan Magnite was the cheapest turbo-petrol car in India. The Magnite Turbo XL MT is priced at Rs 6.99 lakhs. Apart from this, the XV Turbo MT (Price Rs 7.68 Lakh) and XL Turbo CVT (Price Rs 7.89 Lakh) are also available for less than Rs 8 Lakh Price. Its 1.0 liter turbo-petrol engine generates 100 PS and 160 Nm of power output. (All prices, ex-showroom)

3. Renault Kiger
The Reno Kiger Sub-4 meter is the latest model in the SUV segment. The car shares its underpinnings and powertrains with Nissan Magnite. The car’s two turbo-petrol variants are priced under Rs 8 lakh, including the RXL Turbo MT (price Rs 7.14 lakh) and RXT Turbo MT (Rs 7.60 lakh). Kiger’s turbocharged engine generates 98.3 Bhp and 160 Nm of power output. (All prices, ex-showroom)

4. Tata Altroz ​​iTurbo


Tata has recently introduced the turbo-petrol version of the Ultrose Premium Hatch. The Ultros iTurbo XT (Rs 7.73 lakh) is currently the only turbocharged petrol version of the car, currently priced at less than Rs 8 lakh. The car’s turbocharged engine generates a power output of 110 PS and 140 Nm. (Both prices, ex-showroom)

5. Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Turbo
The Dae Grand i10 Nios Turbo offers a 1.0-liter turbo petrol engine that generates 100 PS and 172 Nm of torque. You can buy a sports turbo variant of the car in the price band of less than Rs 8 lakh, which is priced at Rs 7.81 lakh (ex-showroom).

6. Tata Nexon
Tata Nexon is offered with a 1.2-liter three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, which gives peak torque of 170 Nm and power of 120 PS. Currently, the car is priced between Rs 7.09 lakh and Rs 12.79 lakh, but only two turbo-petrol variants can be purchased in the price band of Rs 8 lakh, with the XE (price Rs 7.10 lakh) and XM (price 7.99). Lakh rupees) is included. (All prices, ex-showroom)

7. Skoda Rapid
The Skoda Rapid is the cheapest C-segment sedan in India, and is offered with the only 1.0-liter TSI engine, which generates a power output of 110 PS / 175 Nm. The rider variant of the car is priced at Rs 7.79 lakh (ex-showroom), and only a 6-speed manual transmission has been added. It is the only variant of Skoda Rapid that costs less than Rs 8 lakh.

8. Mahindra XUV 300
The Mahindra XUV300 has been introduced with a 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol engine that generates a power output of 110 PS and 200 NN. It has a 6-speed AT or an optional AMT option. Only the entry-level W4 variant of the SUV in the price band under Rs 8 lakh can be purchased, which is currently available at a base price of Rs 7.95 lakh (ex-showroom).

What is turbocharged technology
Turbocharged is a technique that further increases the air pressure within the engine. Pressing the air more in the engine chamber means that there is more room for fuel in the chamber and more fuel directly means that more power is generated. Which directly increases the performance of the engine. It provides far more output than a normal engine. However, the flow of air in a normal engine depends entirely on the atmosphere, which is in stark contrast to turbocharged engines.


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