Tomato Chutney Is Also Beneficial To Health, Here Are Why You Should Add It To Your Diet


Home-made chutney is always fresh and tasty. You can’t really find its flavor anywhere else. It is usually served with South Indian dishes. Tomato juice, mustard seeds, ginger, cayenne pepper can make a spicy taste! Do you know that including tomato sauce in your daily diet can also help in health?

Prevents cancer
The presence of vitamins and glutathione in tomatoes makes it excellent for overall health. Eating this sauce can help you in preventing fatal diseases like cancer. In addition, tomato contains an antioxidant called lycopene which is known to fight free radicals in the body, which can cause cancer.

Low in calories
Tomato is a low-calorie food. By eating tomato sauce, you will be able to add only 31 calories as it is high in water and fiber. By eating food with tomato sauce, you will be able to stay full longer. If you are following a low calorie diet, then eating tomato sauce is a good option for you.

Good for digestion
Tomatoes are known to be highly nutritious for your digestive system due to their high in fiber. Eating tomato sauce helps in improving your bowel movement which further prevents any digestive issues like constipation, indigestion.

Controls blood pressure
People suffering from hypertension should use tomato sauce. This is because tomatoes are low in sodium and high in potassium, which is ideal for people with high blood pressure levels.


Prevents urinary tract infection
Urinary tract infection (urinary tract infection) is a major problem that women also suffer from. High amount of water in tomato is excellent for people struggling with this issue of health. Therefore, incorporating tomato sauce in your diet is an easy way to prevent such infections.

How to prepare tomato sauce at home
A tomato
A finely chopped onion
A chopped green chili
A spoonful of coriander leaves
Two chopped garlic grains
One spoon mustard oil
Half teaspoon cumin seeds
Half teaspoon red chilli
Half teaspoon coriander
Salt to taste
Sugar according to taste
Lemon juice as needed

How to make tomato sauce
Mix cumin, coriander and red chillies in a vessel. Dry roast it and set it aside. Now mix all the three ingredients in a grinder and mix them together to give a powder appearance. Place a tomato on high heat and burn until its skin becomes black. After that take the peel off and start crushing using a fork. Now transfer the crushed tomatoes in a bowl. Add green chili, onion, coriander leaves, spice mixture, salt, sugar and some oil. Mix all the ingredients well. You can add fresh squeezed lemon juice as per taste.

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