Today Panchang February 24 2021 Moon In Mithun Rashi Check Out Tithi Shubh Muhurat Nakshatra Know Rahu Kaal Today Pradosh Vrat


Aaj Ka Panchang 24 February 2021: Almanac 24 February 2021 According to today, is the Dwadashi date of the Shukla Paksha of Magh month. Today Pradosh is also fast. Do not do auspicious work in Rahu era. Today Abhijeet is not a Muhurta, auspicious tasks are done in Abhijeet Muhurta. The Moon is in Gemini today. Today, good luck is yoga. Disha Shool is the north direction. Let’s know today’s Almanac-

Panchang In Hindi: Date: 24 February 2021 (Panchang 24 February 2021)
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Mass Amant: Magh
Mass Purnimant: Magh
side: Shukla
War: Wednesday
Date: Dwadashi – Till 18:07:29
Today’s fast and festival:

Pradosh Vrat 2021
Star: Punavasu – By 13:17:52
Karan: Balav – By 18:07:29, Koulav – By 29:49:42
Total: Good luck – by 27:08:37
Sunrise: 06:51:55 AM
the sunset: 18:17:23 PM
Sun sign: Aquarius
Surya Nakshatra: Century
Moon: Gemini – By 07:10:40
Season: Spring
Vedic Season: Hemant
Rahukaal: From 12:34:39 to 14:00:20 (No auspicious work is done during this period)
Time of auspicious time – Abhijeet Muhurta: No one
Disha Shool: answer
Time of inauspicious time
Wicked 12:11:48 to 12:57:30
Kulik: 12:11:48 to 12:57:30
Kalvela / Ardhyam: 07:37:36 to 08:23:18
Yamaghant: From 09:09:00 to 09:54:42
Fork: 16:46:00 to 17:31:42
Yamagand: 08:17:36 to 09:43:17
Gulik period: 11:08:58 to 12:34:39

Pradosh Vrat 2021: Pradosh Vrat of Magh Shukla, gives success in life, know auspicious time

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