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You must have often heard that a company is ISO 9001 certified. This assures that the quality of the products and services of that company will be good. This ISO is nothing but the International Organization for Standardization or the International Organization for Standardization, which was formed on this day in 1947. It is a non-governmental organization with 165 countries of the world as members.

ISO certification helps in improving the credibility of your business as well as business. ISO gives many certificates, such as ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9001: 2015 and all these are about the quality of products and services. Requirements and standards are also changing with the changing times and they are being updated. Updates from ISO 9000 to ISO 9001 are based on these changes.

ISO certification takes place in many areas of the industry, ranging from energy management and social responsibility to medical equipment. This seals the process and verifies the continuity. There are different standards for each certificate and the terms and conditions are also fixed accordingly.

How different is ISO from ISI?

Whenever we go to buy electronic items, we definitely see if there is an ISI mark on it. This mark gives us the assurance of quality. ISI stands for Indian Standards Institution. This institution was formed in 1955 and then became a symbol of trust. It was renamed in 1987 and is now called the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) or Bureau of Indian Standards. It is still mandatory to apply ISI on some items, including many electric items. If the ISI gives assurance of the quality of a product, the ISO certifies the process of making or serving a product.


Events on 23 February in the country and the world…

2010: Qatar has selected India’s famous painter M.F. Gave citizenship to Hussain.

2006: About 160 people died in the ethnic violence in Iraq.

2004: Talented actor, producer, director and editor of Hindi films Vijay Anand passed away. His film ‘Guide’ is considered one of the best films.

1981: In Spain, the right-wing army overthrew, creating a state of political uncertainty.

1970: Today was declared as the national day of the country of Guyana.

1969: Indian film actress Madhubala passed away.

1967: US forces launched a major offensive in the Vietnam War.

1964: China changed its position and openly supported Pakistan on the Kashmir issue.

1952: The Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act was passed.

[1945: The US unfurled its glory on Evo Jima, the island occupied by Japan. The position of this island was very important strategically.

1940: The island of Laci, close to Greece, was captured by Russian forces.

1905: The world’s first Rotary club was created by Chicago attorney Paul P. Harris.

1886: American inventor and chemist Martin Hale discovered aluminum.

1822: Boston received a charter and became a city.

1768: Colonel Smith entered into a peace settlement with the Nizam of Hyderabad, which had accepted British power.

1468 ः Yuhane Gotenberg, who invented the printing machine, died.


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