This is inhumane: 4 days after the woman who went missing from the house returned home, the husband took the test of purity by putting his hands in boiling oil


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Osmanabad23 minutes ago

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To tell the truth in the Pardhi community, it is a practice to put hands in boiling oil. The woman’s husband also treated her inhumanely on the basis of this belief.

In Osmanabad, Maharashtra, a woman was forced to put her hands in boiling oil to prove her purity. The woman, living in Paranda, Osmanabad, was missing from home for 4 days. When she came back, her husband only put a hand in the boiling oil and asked for a coin of 5 rupees. Not only this, the husband made a video of the whole incident from his mobile phone.

The woman’s husband is a driver and the two had a quarrel over the incident on February 11 when they went to the maiden. After this, the woman left the house for Osmanabad without telling anyone. The woman’s husband kept searching for her. When the woman returned home after four days, she told that while waiting for the bus at the Khasapuri Chowk in Paranda, two people on the bike forcibly took her with them. They held him hostage for 4 days.


Pardhi society has such mischief
The woman is from the Pardhi community. In this community, there has been a practice of extracting coins from boiling oil in the name of God to call the truth. It is believed that if the coin extractor is lying, he will burn his hand and swallow fire with oil. On the basis of this belief, the woman’s husband took her ordeal.

Husband said – did this to know the truth
In the video, the woman’s husband is heard saying, ‘My wife says that she took a man and a policeman with her and did nothing to her. I want to know if my wife is telling the truth. That’s why I’m doing this. ‘

Action demanded after video goes viral
After the video surfaced, Maharashtra Legislative Council Chairman Neelam Gorhe has demanded action from Home Minister Anil Deshmukh. Dnyaneshwar Bhonsle, president of Bharat Mata Adivasi Pardhi Samaj Pratishthan, Solapur, said, ‘There have been many cases of torture by wife in exchange for her being caught by the men of Pardhi Samaj in a case of theft or robbery. The government should investigate and take strict action against the culprits.


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