Theft trend in Bollywood: Tony Kakkar stole the visuals of K-pop songs in booty shake songs, these popular songs are also exact copies of English songs


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Popular singer Tony Kakkar’s song Booty Shake has been released recently, in which he and Hansika Motwani are seen. As soon as the song is revealed, people on social media are raging on them because the video of this song resembles K-pop and Blackpink girl’s songs are ice cream. Let me tell you that many times before, singers have been accused of stealing visuals of English songs. Let’s see what those songs are-


Shortly before the booty shake, Tony Kakkar’s song Shona-Shona was released. In this song, Siddharth Shukla and Shahnaz Gill are seen together. The music video set was created entirely by copying the scene of B1A4’s Beaver song. Tony was also accused of stealing by people on social media after the song surfaced, after which Tony also gave set credits in the video. Most of the scenes in the song are not one or two, but are taken from English songs. On copying everything from the set to the dance step, the users had reprimanded the singer a lot on social media.


Popular rapper Ghadi gave the song Mantoniyat for the 2018 film Manto. The video for this song was completely matched to the song Do You from the BTS Singer Rap Monster. When the constant speed had to see the anger of the people for this, he clarified that, giving credit was not in my mind, otherwise I would have written that the set of videos is inspired by Do You. I liked that you guys are standing up for yourself, but I only had control over my part which is music and lyrics. I’m sorry for this


The 2011 film Ra One did not do much at the box office, though the songs of the film were quite popular. Several days after the song became popular, it was understood that some of its lines and music were taken from the Korean film 100 Pounds Beauty.

Mehbooba o Mehbooba

RD Burman’s popular song Mehbooba O Mehbooba has been the most popular song of the 70s, though few people know that the song has been copied from the Hollywood Song Ta Rialia. The original song was sung by Greek singer Mihalis Violaris.


If you listen then wait

If you listen to the song filmed on Shahrukh Khan and Juhi Chawla, wait, it has been completely stolen from the Ahama Ma Feki song. The tune and scene of the song are also copied in its entirety. In the film, Abhijeet has given voice in the song while in fact it is sung by Egyptian singer Heesham Abbas.

Aye dil laaya hai bahar

Kya Kehna was titled the song Song Ae Dil Laa Hai Bahar, though it was copied from Neil Sedaka’s song O Carol. The music of the song is found exactly.

Tip-tip rainwater

Surprisingly, the song Tip-Tip Barsa Pani Music from Mohra film is also not composed by the Indian musician. The music of this song is completely taken from Dr. Alban’s song Roll Down the Rubber Man.

Slowly coming into my life

The songs of the musical romance film Aashiqui proved to be superhit. The song of the film slowly came into my life, but it was also inspired by Joy Sims’s song Come Into My Life.

Coloring in mine

The song from the film Maine Pyar Kiya is a copy of the popular song, The Fine Countdown, which plays in my color. The song was voiced by SP Balasubramaniam in the film which was shot on Bhagyashree and Salman.

Why don’t the girl know

The song of Hum Tum film Girl Kyun Na Jaane Kyun Ladko Si Hoti Hai Music of the song is completely taken from the songs of Andranik Mandadian.

You stole the heart

The song filmed on Zeenat Aman stole Tum Tum which Dil was quite popular, though the song is completely copied from If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium. The song was sung by pop vocalist Bojora.

Tera mujhe hai ki haiThe song Tera Mujhe Hai from the popular film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is the first connection that someone keeps on everyone’s tongue. But few people know that the tune of this song is derived from The Yellow Rose of Texas.

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