Story of young women who saved 7 lives: 7 people who fell from the rear gate of the accident in Sidhi were rescued by swimming, regret that a child was swept away


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  • Seven Brothers And Sisters Who Fell From The Rear Gate Of The Bus Floated, A Child Was Still Swept Away In Front Of My Eyes. In the early hours of Tuesday, a bus going from Satna to Satna fell into Bansagar canal, killing 45 people. The bodies are still being searched. Seven passengers were rescued in time in this accident. Real heroes Shivrani and Asha Bansal told the whole story of the accident.

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Sidhi / Rewa2 hours ago

Shivrani Lonia (left) arrived at the scene with her brother. He was also followed by Asha Bansal (right).

Shivarani Lonia and Asha Bansal of Sarda village first reached the spot to save people in the bus accident on Tuesday in Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh. She told that she jumped into the Bansagar canal without caring for her life and rescued seven people who came out of the back door of the bus. They also include a child. The driver of the bus came out swimming by itself.

More people may have been swept away: Shivrani
Shivrani is around 18 years of age. He told, ‘It must have been about seven and a half hours in the morning. I was sitting outside the house. The bus was going from the bank of the canal. Suddenly she got carried away and fell into the canal. I ran with the screaming brother. Some people were seen coming out of the back door of the bus. They came out, but started flowing. I jumped without losing any opportunity and took people to shore. I regret not being able to save a child. He was swept away in front of my eyes. ‘

Driver tried to control the bus, but failed: Asha
Asha said, ‘Just flowed, then its back part got stuck in the canal. It seemed that the driver tried to handle by applying the brakes, but he failed due to too much gradient. I ran screaming. In a short time the whole village gathered. When the call was made, the police and administration also reached in half an hour. Then began the search for submerged people. ‘


The pain of the student who returned from the mouth of death: had brought the younger brother along, I survived, he was swept away
In the bus accident, 22-year-old Veera Prajapati, a resident of village Post Chaupal in Sidhi district, lost her brother. She says – three people were sitting on the seat of two in the bus. There were many students. The driver diverted the car before the canal bridge and started to take the new route. The pace was very fast. Some people asked the driver to slow down the bus, but he did not reduce the speed. There was a sudden shock at some distance. The bus started filling with water. I held my brother’s hand. I do not know how I got out. My brother got carried away. Don’t know where he went

She was sitting on the back seat, started flowing and saved by putting a rope
Sarai’s nursing student Archana Jaiswal was also going to Satna from Sarai to give her exams. He said- I was sitting near the gate on the long back seat. I do not know how the accident happened. But I suddenly started to drift away. She had gone far enough. Then someone saved with the help of rope and brought it out. (Read the entire history of these girl students here)

Bus falls into 22 feet deep canal
The accident took place at Sarda village in Sidhi district at 7:30 am on Tuesday. The bus going to Satna with 62 people fell into the 22-feet deep Bansagar canal. By night the bodies of 51 people were taken out. This bus was to reach Satna via Sidhi via Churhat, Rampur Naikin, Badhbar and Govindgarh. The bus reached Churhat, but after that the driver changed the route at the behest of the students from Rampur Naikin. These students had an exam, so they had to reach Satna on time. The canal runs along the route from Sarda village to Satna. The path becomes narrower after coming to a place here. Here the bus fell uncontrollably into the canal.


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