Siddharth Malhotra said – I like to do different subject films.


Siddharth Malhotra is working in different types of films these days. While he is doing the comedy film ‘Thank God’ with Ajay Devgan, he will also be seen in a thriller ‘Mission Majnu’.

Siddharth said that he likes to do all kinds of films. He said, “I like to watch both light-hearted and action thriller films. Whether or not the producers have used my talent depends on the film-to-film and the audience. I think more attention should be paid to the story first and then if one of these falls weak on the execution then the project does not work. I am also very excited about these two films. “

Regarding his new films, he explains, “Indra Kumar (Director) Ji has made many light films earlier and now he will be seen in a completely different style with Thank God. Mission Majnu is a very inspiring story in the history of India.

Before starting work for these two films, Malhotra has also completed the rest of the film ‘Sher Shah’. Regarding working during Kovid-19, he said, “We did not go out at the extreme time of Corona lockdown but worked only while sitting at home. Luckily I did not fall prey to this virus. I always believed in a good lifestyle, a good diet and keeping my body clean but as it is being said that people should take all precautions and I am also taking care, I am not a fool. ”


2020 has been a difficult year for all and the film industry is no exception. It is not possible to complete a stalled project sitting at home.

On this whole experience, Siddharth Malhotra said, “There was a lot of confusion about how this disease is spreading. What precautions should we take? Therefore, you can say that I was also among those who were confused, nervous and were taking necessary precautions. Work comes second. Everyone’s work was affected. As far as entertainment business is concerned, a lot is yet to start again. ”

Bringing people back to theaters safely is the biggest challenge for the film industry at the moment. Malhotra said, “As a member of the film industry and as a common man, it is a matter of concern for me how to bring people safely to the theater.” I think the worst has passed and this year we hope that we will return to theaters to entertain people. “

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