Shiva Mundmala- By This Reason Lord Shiv Wears A Mundmala In Neck, Know About This Mystery


Shiva Mundmala: Lord Bholenath’s pastimes, called the Gods of Gods, are incomparable. It is said that Lord Bholenath is so naive that he is soon pleased with the reverence of his devotee and fulfills all the wishes of his devotee. Just as the glory of Lord Bholenath is incomparable, in the same way, the glory of his form is also great. Lord Bholenath carries many things like trident, serpent, moon and mundamala on his body. According to the Puranas, whatever secret Lord Bholenath wears on his body, some secret is hidden behind him. Let’s know about the secret due to which Lord Shiva holds Mundmala.

this is God Bholenath Of Mundmala Of mystery:

The shaving of the neck of Lord Bholenath is a symbol of the fact that Lord Bholenath is under death. According to the Puranas, this shaving of Lord Shiva’s neck is also a symbol of the love of Lord Shiva and Mother Sati. It is believed that once upon the instigation of Narada Muni, Mother Sati stubbornly asked Lord Bholenath about the secret of this 108 head Mundmala. Even after celebrating Lord Bholenath’s lacquer, when Mother Sati was not accepted, Bholenath had told its secret to Mother Sati.


Bholenath told Mata Sati that all these 108 heads of Mundmala are yours. Bholenath told the mother that before this, you have given up 107 times and abandoned your body and this is your 108th birth.

When Mother Sati asked Bholenath about her repeated sacrifice, what is the reason? That only I sacrifice the body, not you. On this question of Mother Sati, Bholenath told her that I have knowledge of Amarkatha so I do not have to sacrifice the body again and again. On this, Mother Sati also expressed her wish to listen to Amarkatha from Lord Bholenath. It is believed that when Bholenath was narrating Amarkatha to Mata Sati, Mata Sati fell asleep in the middle of the story and could not attain immortality. As a result, Mata Sati had to commit self-immolation by jumping into King Daksha’s sacrificial fire.


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