Shah on removing 370 from Jammu and Kashmir: Home Minister’s taunt on Congress in Lok Sabha – tell those who asked us for 17 months account what they did in 70 years?


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In the Lok Sabha, Home Minister Shah said – Jammu and Kashmir will be given full state status at the right time.

Home Minister Amit Shah made a statement in the Lok Sabha on the situation of the removal of article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. Shah said, ‘Those who have been given the opportunity to rule for generations, look into their downtrodden to see if they even deserve to be accounted for.’ Shah said that the case for the removal of article 370 went to a long hearing in the court and then it was transferred to a 5-judge bench.

Now the opposition tells us to go before the Supreme Court and ask them to hear it soon. We are in front of the Supreme Court and it is in the forefront that there should not be Article 370 in the country. There is a virtual hearing in the Supreme Court right now and there cannot be a virtual hearing in this case. This case will be heard when the physical hearing resumes.

Will give state status to Jammu and Kashmir at the right time
Shah said, ‘Statehood will be given to Jammu and Kashmir at the appropriate time. Isn’t Goa a state? Isn’t Mizoram a state? If you read carefully, there will not be much trouble. Where the geographical and administrative situation is, the officers have to be sent accordingly. You divide these things into Hindu-Muslim, even the officers of the country. Can a Hindu officer not serve the Muslim masses and Muslim officers serve the Hindu masses? After this, you call yourself secular, what secularism is this? ‘

Under whose pressure did Article 370 continue for so long?
Shah said, ‘Now these people are saying that 2G to 4G we did under pressure from foreigners. This is Modi’s government, in which the country makes decisions. We had stopped these services for some time, so that rumors would not spread. You had switched off mobiles during Atalji’s time. The greatest right of a citizen is to live in peace and peace. Where there will be no security, what rights will there be? I want to ask you, under whose pressure did you continue Article 370 for so long? ‘

Congress maintains a temporary article for 70 years
Shah said, ‘I read the agreement carefully. The promises made by the earlier governments should also be read carefully and implemented. In 370 it was a matter of Temperary Agreement. In 17 months, you ask us to calculate and 70 years of Temperary Article 370, who will answer it? We will come – go, win – we will lose, but keeping this in mind will not keep the country on the prowl. This is your thought. You say that the right to work for officers will be gone. Why won’t an officer be able to work in Kashmir? Is Kashmir not a part of the country? Does the youth of Kashmir not have the right to become IAS and IPS? Remember what the Congress rule was? Thousands of people were killed and there was curfew for years. Peace is a big thing in Kashmir. God forbid there should be no disturbance. ‘


Two marks, two constitutions will not remain in the country
Shah said, ‘It is not right to call an officer as an outsider for cheap populism inside Kashmir. All are children of Mother India and are officers of India. You have brought new logic to the new pattern. No one has been given a separate flag and separate constitution. We promised in 1950 that there would be no more marks and two constitutions in the country.

There was no firing in the panchayat elections in Kashmir
Amit Shah said, ‘After the removal of article 370, the first thing to do there was to establish Panchayati Raj. The panchayat election saw 51.7% voting. Did not shoot anywhere. I do not want to go into how elections were held under Congress rule. Opponents also cannot allege that the election is rigged. Those who contested the election on the basis of bringing back 370 were cleared. He did not even get the mandate of the people of Kashmir.

Today’s Panch will be MLA tomorrow
Shah said, ‘Today, the member of Panch, Sarpanch and Zilla Panchayat, who has got a member, will become MLA tomorrow. He does not need anyone’s blessings. I congratulate the people and security forces of Jammu and Kashmir for these elections. After the election we have given them a budget. Earlier, even the 5000 rupees had to ask for sarpanch from the government. Today 1500 crore rupees have been given in their accounts. He has been given 21 subjects of administration. With this, they will develop their village by becoming self-sufficient. This work has been done due to the removal of 370. ‘

370 removed from Jammu and Kashmir in August 2019
On August 5, 2019, the Central Government abolished article-370 giving special status to Jammu and Kashmir. This cleared the way for the Constitution of India to be implemented in Jammu and Kashmir as well. The government made Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh a separate union territory. Leh and Kargil were included in 20 districts in Jammu and Kashmir and two in Ladakh.

When did article 370 come into force in Jammu and Kashmir?
After the merger of Jammu and Kashmir with India, Article 370 was added to the Constitution at the time of the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s government. Under this, Jammu and Kashmir got special state status and some special rights. Under this, the central government could only interfere in matters related to defense, foreign affairs and communications. Many laws passed by the Parliament did not apply in Jammu and Kashmir. Article 35-A was added under Article 370 itself. This gave the people of the state some privileges. The state could not be restructured if Article-370 remained in effect.


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