Robber Museum to be built in Bhind: Phoolan and dacoit will be able to see Mohar Singh’s guns, police will also tell tales of bravery of their officers


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At the time of surrender, Dasu Sundari Phoolan Devi, along with Bandar Mansingh and Sadhu Singh Chauhan, are standing. -File photo

You must have heard many stories about the robberies of Chambal. Now the police of Bhind will tell their stories. A dacoit museum is being built for this. In this, people will be able to see the gun of Queen Phoolan Devi, the famous bandit of her era, with whom she surrendered. The SLR of Arvind Singh, seen in the uniform of mauzer, rifle, cartridge and army of Mohar Singh, also known as Dadda, will also be kept here.

In this museum, the story of the bandits who had been spreading terror in the rugged for decades, ranging from taking up arms to being killed in an encounter will be heard. Apart from this, you will also know the story of the brave officers and soldiers who put an end to their terror.

The notorious bandit Arvind Singh Gurjar surrendered to the gang at Kotwali police station of Bhind.

The notorious bandit Arvind Singh Gurjar surrendered to the gang at Kotwali police station of Bhind.

Museum will be built in police line
The dacoit museum is being built in the police line of Bhind. It will feature big encounters of bandits and police like the film. Unseen secrets of 80 dacoits will emerge here, including athlete-turned-robber Pan Singh Tomar and Chambal’s captain Malkhan Singh. Through the exhibition, it will be told how a common man rebelled and became notorious. This would include robberies from the 1960s to 2011.

Every information from history sheet to photo
The history sheet of the dacoits in the museum, their photos, the stories of the big gang crime, the story of the situation there after the incident, the information of the members of the bandit gangs will be shown on the screen, so that people can understand them. There will also be stories of bravery of 40 policemen and officers who were martyred in the last 30 years.


Different gallery of every decade
A gallery of every decade will be built in the museum. It will show the robberies of that period, their major incidents, the police encounters, photos, story. The whole story from rebel to surrender will be told in the movie. It will also be told where the gang of dacoits lived at that time and how many members were there in which gang. What kind of weapons did they have? How to live in rugged winter and summer. Where did they take shelter during the rain.

Mohar Singh gang had better weapons than police
In the ravines of Chambal, one of the dread is also named Bandar Mohar Singh. Mohar Singh’s gang had 146 members. In the 1960s, Mohar Singh had a reward of Rs 2 lakh and the entire gang Rs 12 lakh. The gang had weapons like SLR, semi automatic gun, 303 rifle, LMG, sten gun, mark-5 rifle. These weapons were not even with the police then.

How did Mohar Singh handle his 146 companions. The entire history of what was available for their food, lodging and movement will remain in the museum.

Will cost 30 lakh rupees
According to police officials, it will cost up to 30 lakh rupees to build this museum. Police personnel are giving donations for this. Bhind SP Manoj Kumar Singh said that everyone wants to know about the rebels. How did they reach the rugged, what was the reason, how did they end. How was his life after surrendering.


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