Rahul’s Rajasthan tour: In a 23-minute speech, Rahul took Modi’s name 12 times, said – 3 agriculture law will make 40% people unemployed.


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Hanumangarh / Shriganganagar13 hours ago

Rahul Gandhi addressed the Kisan Mahapanchayat at Pilibanga in Hanumangarh. There are 8 bunk beds on the platform instead of the chair-sofa.

Rahul Gandhi is vocal these days on the issue of farmers. Rahul, who arrived on a two-day tour of Rajasthan, held a peasant mahapanchayat at Pilibanga on Friday. Cot-chairs were replaced on the stage. When he started his speech, he said most of the same things related to agricultural laws, which he had said in the Lok Sabha a day earlier. Also made some new allegations. He said that if three agricultural laws are implemented, 40% of the people of the country will become unemployed.

In the 23-minute speech, Rahul named the farmers as well as laborers, small shopkeepers 7 times. Mentioned Prime Minister Modi 12 times. Read, talk about his speech …

Agriculture is the world’s largest business
“Yesterday I gave a speech on the issue of farmers in Parliament.” I explained the goals of the three laws brought by Narendra Modi and the thinking behind it. Even today I want to explain to you the aims and thinking of these three laws. The truth is that agriculture is the biggest business in the world, not just of India. Today, no one person runs this business. 40% of the people of India are partners in this business. Crores of people run this business for India. These include farmers, laborers, small shopkeepers, traders, jobbers.

Congress brought Amul, it is the company of millions of farmers
“The Congress party has been trying not to let this business go into the hands of any one person.” From the day of independence till date, it has been our goal that this business, it should remain the business of 40% of the people of India. Examples you see. Amul is a company. Congress party was brought. It is the company of millions of farmers. Delivers milk throughout the country.

The first law will end the market, the second will increase hoarding and the third will not allow justice
“Now let’s talk about three laws. What are these You will not hear this in the media, because the people who want to take away their business from farmers, laborers, small traders, belong to them. ”

The first law says that any big business can buy unlimited grain from any farmer anywhere in the country. If a person wants to buy food grains and vegetables from the whole country, then he can buy. Tell me, if so, what is the need of the market? The first law is the law to abolish the market. ”

“The second law says that any industrialist can store any vegetable, any grain, any fruit for any length of time. Today the grain is sold in the market. As soon as this second law comes into force, unlimited, unbridled hoarding will start in India. The richest billionaires of India will do this. What will happen then The farmer will sell the goods. There will be no small businessman, no market in front of him. The richest industrialists of India will stand before him. ”

“The third law says that when the farmer of India stands before that industrialist, when he asks for the price for his produce, he will not be able to go to court.” In this way, the first law is to kill the mandi, the second law is to abolish the Essential Commodities Act and to stop hoarding and the third law is to keep away from justice. ”


40% of Hindustan people will be unemployed
“Understand one thing that this is not just an attack on farmers.” It is an attack on 40% of the people of India. The farmer is most aware, he understood this earlier. The farmer has put a flashlight in the dark, he sees the future. If these three laws came into force, then the farmer went. He lost his land. Along with him went the small shopkeeper. The merchant-laborer also went. 40% of Hindustan people will be unemployed. Modi ji says that we did this for the farmers. If this is for the farmers then why is the farmer of the whole country sad. Why are millions of farmers standing on the borders of Delhi? Why 200 farmers were martyred? ”

“This is happening for 4 people.” This occupation of 40% people includes farmers, laborers, small shopkeepers, laborers working in the market. The first attack took place at the time of demonetisation. Withdrew money from the house of the poor. I said at the time that this is not a fight against black money. The bone of the spine of India is being broken. The GST also eliminated small shopkeepers. Narendra Modi ji wants to clear the way for his friends. Till today, small shopkeepers have not understood GST till date.

“Then comes Corona. Narendra Modi imposes lockdown without any hint. The workers of India go towards home. Narendra Modi imposed the lockdown without any hint. They ask for a bus-rail ticket with folded hands. The Prime Minister says that I am not going to give. They died hungry. Then at the same time a loan of Rs 1.50 lakh crore was waived. Who gives employment in this country? Two-three industrialists do not give, farmers, small shopkeepers, traders. You killed them with life.

Modi does not know what to say
Unemployment continues to spread. Narendra Modi creates some new excuse every day. Don’t know what to say. You must have seen the face of the Prime Minister in Parliament. It is said that we want to talk to farmers. What did you talk about? Abolish this law, the farmer is ready to talk to you. We will not allow this law to come into force with farmers, laborers, small traders. Will cancel and die. ”

Modi ji gave the holy land of India to China
“China came to India.” Thousands of kilometers of land was taken away by the Chinese army from India. Our soldiers were martyred and yesterday in the Lok Sabha-Rajya Sabha, the Defense Minister says that the agreement was reached. What is the agreement? Modi ji’s government seized the holy land of India to China. The post of Hindustan at Pangong Lake used to be at Finger-4. China poured its army inside. The agreement states that we will now put our post on Finger-3. Modi Ji has given the holy land of India between Finger-3 and Finger-4 to China.

“They will not be able to stand in front of China, will threaten the peasants.” They will kill the peasants, beat them, build walls. This is the truth of Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi is just a misunderstanding. They do not know the power of the farmers and laborers of India. They do not understand. Farmers, laborers, small traders are now going to show them their power. ”


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