Rahul Gandhi’s second day in Rajasthan: For the third time in two days, the new agricultural laws will destroy farmers and villagers.


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Rupangarh-Ajmer5 hours ago

Today is the second day of Rahul Gandhi’s Rajasthan tour. He first appeared at the Tejaji temple in Kishangarh, Ajmer. After this, while addressing the tractor rally in Rupangarh, he said that farmers, street vendors and small traders will be ruined by the new agricultural laws. Here too, Rahul said more or less the same things that were said in the meetings of Pillibanga and Padampur a day earlier.

Trolinuma stage was specially built for the Rupangarh rally. The cot was placed on the stage in Pillibanga, while the pads were placed in Padampur. After this, Rahul also addressed the rally in Makrana, Nagaur.

Rahul Gandhi also drove a tractor in Rupangarh. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot sat next to him.

5 key points of Rahul’s speech

1. All three laws will ruin everyone
I have come to talk about three new agricultural laws. What is the goal behind these laws? The first law says that in any corner of India, the biggest industrialists can buy whatever fruits and vegetables they want to buy. If this happens, what will the market mean? The purpose of the first law is to kill Mandi. The second law says that the industrialists of the country, who want to keep fruits, vegetables and grains in storage, can keep them. The third law says that if a farmer goes to the industrialists of India and asks for the right price, he will not be able to go to court. The new law will not only harm farmers. The street vendors, the trails, the small traders will all be ruined.

2. The country’s largest business of agriculture
Agriculture is the largest business in India. If you think that the business of building a car or landing an airplane is the biggest, then you are wrong. Agriculture is the largest business in the world. It does not belong to any one person. Narendra Modi wants 40% of the business of India to go into the hands of two people. The farmer of India is saying that we will die. It will not let it happen. Do not think that the farmer is alone. Workers and small traders stand behind him.

3. Farmers will be stolen twice
In the coming time, when the farmer goes to sell his goods, the industrialist will bring fruits, vegetables and grains from his warehouse to the market. As the supply increases in the market, the rates will decrease. Then the farmer will have to sell goods at a lower rate. Then the farmer will buy vegetables, fruits and grains as a customer, then he will have to buy expensive goods. That means the farmer will be stolen twice


4. Modi gave three options – hunger, unemployment and suicide
Narendra Modi ji wants that the whole vegetables of Puri should be sold on the same brand. I am guaranteeing you this. I am telling not only the farmers, but also the youth and the traders. When this law comes into force, no youth of India will get employment. Modiji says that through these laws he has given options. Yes, they have given the option – hunger, unemployment and suicide.

5. Modi is robbing farmers’ homes
Modi ji says that I want to talk to the farmers. What do you want to talk about? You withdraw the law. All the farmers of the country will talk to you. You are robbing farmers’ homes. They are trying to take away their rights and the right is being given to ‘Hum Do Hamare Do’.

What did Rahul do in Ajmer?
Rahul first arrived at the Tejaji temple. Here he offered prayers by offering oil and coconut. He was then given a memento by the temple priests. After this he reached Rupangarh synagogue. Earlier, the police took off the jackets of the people wearing black jackets at the rally in Rupangarh. The police suspected that some people could wave jackets as black flags.

After worship at the Tejaji temple, Rahul was tied to Kalava.

After worship at the Tejaji temple, Rahul was tied to Kalava.

At the Rupangarh rally, the police took off the jacket from the people wearing black jackets.

At the Rupangarh rally, the police took off the jacket from the people wearing black jackets.

Each tractor was tested
In view of the special security, security officers examined each tractor here. Everyone entering the entire area had to pass through security.

Farmers have also reached the rally with traditional instruments.

Farmers have also reached the rally with traditional instruments.

On Friday, at the Kisan Mahapanchayat in both places, Rahul fiercely targeted the Modi government at the Center. He completely focused on two things. The first three agricultural bills and the second China’s entry into India’s border. They have raised both issues in the Lok Sabha two days ago, then in a press conference on Friday and then in both the Rajasthan assemblies.

See in the pictures, how the color of Rajasthan has changed for Rahul’s gathering, welcome with the fitting and playing cards, opening from the shehnai

Team Bhaskar: Sadiq Ali, Mukesh Parihar and Arvind Dadhich from Rupangarh. Ramesh Dabi from Sursura, Vikas Tinkar from Kishangarh, Shankar Puri and Gulshan.


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