Punjab civic election results: Congress out of 6 bodies out of 7 in the farmers’ movement, BJP separates Akali Dal from number four


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  • Punjab Municipal Election Results 2021 Latest Update; Congress Parshad Wins 268 Seats Vs Shrimoni Akali Dal BJP Vs Aam Adami Party

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Chandigarh4 minutes ago

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The Congress has unilaterally won the municipal elections in Punjab in the midst of the peasant movement. Congress has captured six of the seven bodies. At the same time, the results of Mohali will come tomorrow. Out of the 350 seats in the seven municipal corporations that have just got results, the Congress has won the maximum of 268 councilors. In terms of seats, Akali Dal came second, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on third and BJP on fourth.

In 2015, Shiromani Akali Dal and BJP contested together. All the five municipal corporations were then occupied by the BJP and the Akali Dal. This time, both of them fought separately, because both parties have separated due to the dispute over agricultural laws.

This time in the municipal elections, 9,222 candidates were in the fray for 2302 wards. Contested 2,832 independents for the first time. The Congress had 2,037 candidates and the Akali Dal 1,569. 1,003 of BJP, 1,606 of AAP and 160 of BSP candidates contested.

Congress got 49 out of 50 seats in Abohar, BJP’s account not opened
In Abohar, Congress has won 49 out of 50 seats. Only one seat went to the Akali Dal account. The BJP could not even open an account in Bathinda, Abohar and Kapurthala. BJP has got the maximum 11 seats in Pathankot.

Akali Dal remains at 10 to 0 in Hoshiarpur
This time the account of Shiromani Akali Dal, which won 10 out of 50 wards of Hoshiarpur last time, could not be opened. The Congress won 41, while the BJP won 4 seats. AAP has opened an account here and the party has got 2 seats. Independent candidates have won the remaining 3 seats.

Pathankot came out of BJP’s hand
In 2015, the Pathankot Municipal Corporation was controlled by the BJP. This time 37 of the 50 seats here have gone to the Congress. BJP has got only 11 seats, last time it got 30 seats here. The Akali Dal has also got only 1 seat this time. However, he did not get a single seat last time.

Where, who got how many seats?

Municipal council The seats Who won how many?
Abohar 50 49 Congress, 1 Akali Dal
Bathinda 50 43 Congress, 7 Akali Dal
Batala 50 36 Congress, 6 Akali Dal, 4 BJP, 3 AAP, 1 Independent
Moga 50 20 Congress, 15 Akali Dal, 1 BJP, 4 AAP, 10 Independents
Pathankot 50 37 Congress, 1 Akali Dal, 11 BJP, 1 Independent
Hoshiarpur 50 41 Congress, 4 BJP, 2 AAP, 3 others
Kapurthala 50 43 Congress, 3 Akali, 4 others

(Abohar, Batala and Kapurthala were city councilors in 2015.)

2015 Municipal Corporation Election Status

The body Who got how many seats?
Abohar Congress 13, Akali Dal 4, BJP 12, Independents 4
Moga Congress 1, Akali Dal 41, BJP 6, Independents 2
Bathinda Congress 8, Akali Dal 26, BJP 8, Independents 8
Batala Congress 6, Akali Dal 18, BJP 11
Pathankot Congress 11, BJP 30, Independents 9
Hoshiarpur Congress 17, Akali Dal 10, BJP 22, Independents 2
Kapurthala Congress 13, Akali Dal 9, BJP 6


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