Promotion Plan: Due to the traditional marketing strategy, the makers of ‘The Girl on the Train’ are hiding the smallest thing.


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44 minutes ago

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Parineeti Chopra has aroused curiosity in the audience by acting as a girl who tries to solve the riddle of her life in the next film ‘The Girl on the Train’. But now the producers are trying their best not to let anything new come out about the film.

Parineeti revealed that this is being done as part of a well thought-out strategy to increase the excitement about the film. Significantly, the film is releasing on Netflix on 26 February.

That’s why the trailer has come out so far
Parineeti explains, “TGOTT’s entire planning has been made to arouse curiosity about the film, due to which you are seeing that apart from the trailer, we are not disclosing any new thing in the film. We want to keep things hidden, because doing so will deepen the experience of watching the film. We want to create as much excitement as possible, so that the audience can sit on their seats. Who needs this kind of film it occurs.”

Main story is saved through planning
Furthering her point, she says, “TGOTT is a roller coaster, that’s why we keep all the big and special things of our film safe and secure for the audience, so that the audience enjoys this cleverly clever and sharp thriller film. After the release of the film, everything in the film has been prepared with great skill under planning to increase the thrill of watching it. “

Traditional marketing approach adopted
Parineeti says- “It is a real strategy, more visible than less, which is different from the traditional marketing of a Hindi film.” Here we are marketing a feeling and experience. So we need to be smart about this. If the audience finds a clue, then the fun of watching the film will end. So to know the meaning of our campaign, everyone will have to wait for the release of this film. “

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