Prince Salman in tension: Biden has not yet spoken to Saudi Prince; White House said – wait for the right time


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Washington2 hours ago

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Talks have not been held between Saudi Arabia’s Prince Salman and the new US President Joe Biden. Salman may have to face the resentment of the new US government on two issues. (File)

Joe Biden is about to complete a month to take the oath of US President. During this, he interacted with all the big leaders of the world including Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. The world is eyeing when they talk to two of America’s biggest allies Israel and the heads of governance of Saudi Arabia. Biden spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday night. Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia is still waiting for a call from the White House.

In such a situation, questions are arising as to why Biden is waiting for Prince Salman, the most important ally of many decades and the ruler of the rich country. Recent White House statements about Saudi were also not promising.

White House’s rude statement
On Tuesday, White House press secretary Jane Paski was questioned over the possible talks between Saudi King and Biden. He said- We have already made it clear that we are considering many things regarding the relationship with Saudi. I think we should wait for the right time. When President Biden talks to Saudi Prince, nothing can be said at this time.

Biden will be tough on two issues
In October 2018, Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashogi was murdered in Saudi Counselat in Turkey. He is believed to have been killed for criticizing the Royal Family. When Biden was in opposition, he directly targeted the Saudi government. He is now the president and Prince Salman knows that Biden will pressurize the culprits to punish them. The second issue is of the Houthi rebels of Yemen. The Arab country is constantly attacking them, but America has stood in their favor.


Biden has a different policy from Trump
According to a CNN report, Prince Salman received a lot of attention during the era of Donald Trump. The issue of Khashogi’s murder did not arise, but Biden would not tolerate all these things. They have already cleaned it. Trump’s son-in-law and his special adviser to the Middle-East had a friendly relationship between Gerard Kushner and Prince. Trump’s focus was to build friendly relations between Arab countries and Israel. They were successful in this to a great extent. Israeli sources made it clear that a secret meeting was also held in Saudi Arabia between Prince Salman and Netanyahu.

Salman will face new challenges
Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd wrote in an article recently – Biden will soon hold a Democracy Summit. There will be discussion on Uygar Muslims and other human rights in China. The issue of Saudi Arabia will also come up in this. Then Prince Salman may face new challenges. However, Biden may not be as strict on Saudi as China. The US will never let Saudi Arabia distance itself. The two countries have common interests. Yes, Saudi must accept some of Biden’s conditions. There may be some differences between the two countries, but these will be resolved.


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