Petrol Diesel Price Alert 16 February 2021 State Wise Latest Update | Today’s Petrol Diesel Price in Indian Metro Cities | 100 in Rajasthan Petrol costs Rs. 97.25 in Bhopal And Rs. 95.75 in Mumbai. Liter sold


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  • Petrol Diesel Price Alert 16 February 2021 State Wise Latest Update | Today’s Petrol Diesel Price In Indian Metro Cities

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New Delhi11 minutes ago

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The fire in petrol and diesel prices is not taking its name. Today, petrol and diesel prices have increased for the eighth consecutive day. The price of petrol has reached 100 in Sriganganagar, Rajasthan. This is the highest rate of petrol in the country. Petrol has reached Rs 89.29 in Delhi and Rs 95.75 per liter in Mumbai. Today, petrol has become costlier by 30 paise and diesel by 35 paise per liter.

Price increased 20 times in 47 days

So far in February, the rate of petrol and diesel has increased 10 times. During this time, petrol in Delhi has become expensive by Rs 2.99 and diesel by Rs 3.22. Earlier in January, the rate increased 10 times. During this time, the price of petrol was increased by Rs 2.59 and diesel by Rs 2.61. On the other hand, if you talk about 2021, petrol has become expensive by Rs 5.58 and diesel by Rs 5.93 per liter so far this year.

R ising crude oil price


Crude oil has reached the most expensive level in 13 months. Crude oil has become costlier by 21% so far this year. Brent crude has crossed $ 63 a barrel. Because there is a positive growth in economic activity worldwide. Fuel demand has also increased due to this. It has gone up by $ 1.29 per barrel to $ 63.58 per barrel. On the other hand, the central government has also refused to reduce excise duty on petrol and diesel. As a result, the price of petrol has reached Rs 100 per liter.

Petrol becomes 3 times more expensive after tax
To understand this, it is necessary to first understand how the petrol-diesel pump reaches from crude oil. First crude oil comes from outside. He goes to the refinery, from where petrol and diesel are extracted. After this it goes to the oil companies. Oil companies make their profits and deliver to petrol pumps.

The owner of the petrol pump adds his commission after he arrives at the petrol pump. These commissions are decided by the oil companies. After that the tax which is decided by the Central and State Government is added. After that all the commission, after adding tax, petrol and diesel comes to us.

Freight can be expensive
Rising diesel prices will make freight in the country expensive. This will affect the goods and inflation will increase. Some transporters believe that they may increase freight fares in the coming times.

Petrol-diesel prices are updated daily at 6 am
Petrol and diesel prices are updated daily at 6 am. You can also know the daily rate through SMS. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL) customers can know the price by writing city code with RSP at number 9224992249, BPCL customers by writing RSP at number 9223112222 and HPCL customer by sending HPPrice to number 9222201122.


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