No danger averted: AIIMS director said- New Kovid strain increased concern, difficult to get herd immunity


AIIMS director Dr Randeep Guleria has warned that the new Kovid-19 strain case surfaced in Maharashtra may be more dangerous and faster than the original Kovid-19 strain. A news channel quoted him as saying, “Herd immunity for corona virus is a ‘myth’ in India as 80 percent of people will need antibodies to protect the entire population.”

AIIMS director speaks big on new Kovid-19 strain

He further explained that the new Indian strain is ‘rapidly spreading and dangerous’ and that those who have already formed antibodies may be at risk of re-infection. The director emphasized that every person should follow the Kovid-19 rules and get vaccinated. They say that the vaccine may not provide immunity against a completely new Kovid-19 strain, but there is a possibility of developing a lighter version. According to media reports, 240 new Kovid-19 strain cases have been detected in India.

Kovid-19 vaccine will be effective but suspected to have less effect

This new Kovid-19 strain is the main reason for the rise in cases of corona virus infection. Since last week, there has been an upsurge in the cases of Kovid-19 in the country. Two prominent scientists had recently said that the new Kovid-19 strain would be detected in Amravati, Yavatmal, Akola and Vidarbha regions. Dr. Shashank Joshi, Member of Maharashtra Kovid-19 Task Force and Director of Medical Education and Research, Dr. TP Lahane are famous professionals. According to Lahane, the new Kovid-19 strain cases were detected after sample trials in these three districts, but still more investigation needs to be done.


Only by investigation will it be possible to understand the risk of possible infection of the new corona virus variant. Guleria, when asked if the Kovid-19 vaccine could be effective against new strains in India, said that the vaccine would be effective but could have less impact. He said, “Personally, I believe that India has an opportunity right now because the cases of infection are down, but this opportunity can change at any time, especially with new strains coming from different countries.”

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