Mumbai: BMC alert due to increase in corona cases in Dharavi, ‘Arogya Sevika’ is making people aware


Mumbai: The BMC has become alert after seeing the increasing cases of corona in Maharashtra capital Mumbai once again. Corona cases have not increased in Dharavi, which has been a corona hotspot for a long time, for this BMC has stepped up the campaign against Corona. A group of women, named ‘Arogya Sevika’, is going door-to-door in the slum of Dharavi and making people aware against Corona.

Many health workers like Sunita, Shobha and Manda are warning people living in Dharavi about the Corona Camp. Along with this, people are being advised to mask the face and sanitize the hands from time to time. Mobile vans, medical camps and help desks have been set up in the Dharavi area by the BMC for corona investigation so that people in Mumbai can be made aware of the corona and stop the growing cases.


Camps have been set up in Dharavi on Wednesday. Going from house to house, people are being told about the camp. People believe that it is not easy, it chooses a big one. But getting good response. People are concerned about their health and responsibility too.

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