Mission Olympic: Players to prepare for Tokyo Olympics on scientific basis; Heartbeat will check the fitness of the player, hydrotherapy-cryotherapy will also be given


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  • Players to Prepare for Tokyo Olympics on Scientific Basis; Heartbeat Will Check The Fitness Of The Player, Hydrotherapy Cryotherapy Will Also Be Given

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Sonipat31 minutes ago

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Players have started preparations at the Sai Center in Sonepat.

  • National Center of Excellence set up in Sonepat, will keep an eye on specialist injured players for the first time
  • Sports scientists will be under the supervision of sports scientists from food to training

The Ministry of Sports has made major changes in the system under the Mission Olympics. In this, the preparation of players will be done on scientific basis. The entire exercise from their food and lifestyle will be under the supervision of sports scientists. Players will get special facility at the National Center of Excellence in Sonipat. Access to sports equipment has also started, whose initial budget is around 40 lakh rupees. This sports center will be based on sports science. Every facility of strength and conditioning will be available here.

This is how sports science will help – a chamber to coordinate with a place of low oxygen

VO2 Max: Information about heartbeat is obtained from VO2 Max. Through this technique, the beat of a player shows how fit he is.

Hypoxic Chamber: Hypoxic chambers are used for how to improve performance where there is a lack of oxygen. The concentration of oxygen at sea level is 20.9, but it is practiced by reducing it by 10.1 per cent. So that the stamina of the players increases.


Hydrotherapy: Exercise is done in the swimming pool. This relaxes the muscles. Also effective for joint pain.

Cryotherapy: Relieves muscle pain. Damage removes tissue. In this, the temperature is reduced to -180 degrees.

Experts will work on players after analyzing body water, protein, mineral, body-mass, west-hip ratio, fat free mass.

Rehabilitation of players will be monitored

Even after Saina was injured in the Rio Olympics, events such as playing and Deepa Karmakar’s frequent injuries did not happen during the Tokyo Olympics, so it was prepared. A panel is also being formed to keep the players fit. This includes sports scientists, sports medicine experts and physiotherapists.

This panel will monitor the players during their rehabilitation after injury. The panel will see whether the player has selected the right doctor and hospital, based on the player’s medical report. Also, has he spent full time in rehabilitation or not. Somewhere the player is not going to play without recovering from injury.

There will also be physiologists and physiotherapists

Three physiologists, five strength and conditioning experts, four physiotherapists, 6 masseurs, a pharmacist, 3 nursing aides and 6 lab technicians will be appointed.

Players will also get psychological to relieve stress

Special arrangements have also been made for the recovery of players from practice to injury. Apart from these, they will also get psychological facility to relieve stress.
-Vazir Singh, Incharge, National Center of Excellence, Sonipat.

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