Message to the army: Do not repeat Imran with PM like cheating, people will make it difficult to live


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Islamabad10 minutes ago

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Maryam Nawaz, daughter of Nawaz Sharif and Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League, again targeted the army on Monday. Maryam said – There should not be a conspiracy to loot the votes of the people of Pakistan.


Mariam Nawaz, Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League and daughter of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, once again targeted the army. At the rally in Wazirabad on Monday, he did not directly name the army, but as before, Emraan was called the selected prime minister and the army as the selectors. Maryam said – My clear message to the selectors is not to make the mistake of selecting Imran next time, otherwise it will make life difficult.

People are having trouble and Imran is having fun
More than one lakh people attended this rally of opposition coalition Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). The crowd was so much that it took Mary only one hour to reach the stage. Addressing the rally, Maryam said – people are starving, everything has become expensive. I want to tell the selectors of Imran that they should not make the mistake of choosing them again, otherwise people will come on the streets, making it difficult for you to live.

I am the daughter of Pakistan
Mariam alleged that the Imran government was trying to divide Punjab province. He said- I am the daughter of Pakistan and Punjab. Pakistan is our country and the plot to distribute it will be thwarted. You have to think why the government is trying to snatch the bread and flour of the people of Punjab. Therefore, I am again saying that the people who select Imran will have to think that this mistake should not be repeated. When people speak bad about these selectors today, it hurts, after all it is a part of our country.

Do your work selectors
Maryam said- I want to give a message to the selectors that they should do what they want. His interference in politics does not look good. Why are you interfering in people’s work. This country is breaking up and it is their responsibility. Nawaz Sharif will come back and we will improve the affairs of the country. This government and those who run it have laden the country with debts from head to toe. Who will answer this? Our government is going to come again in the country.


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