Lord Ganesha’s controversy over wearing pendant: Rihanna’s Twitter account demands suspension, Vishwa Hindu Parishad also lodged complaint against Twitter CEO


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39 minutes ago

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International pop star Rihanna has become embroiled in controversies over wearing topless pendant of Lord Ganesha around her neck. According to reports, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has filed a complaint against the CEO of Twitter in Delhi and Mumbai Police. VHP says that Rihanna has hurt the sentiments of Hindus by sharing such photos on Twitter. The council has also demanded suspension of Rihanna’s Twitter account.

Rihanna wore Lord Ganesha’s pendant as topless
Actually, Rihanna had a photoshoot for a lounger brand, in which she is posing topless. During this time, along with her jewelery, she has also carried the pendant of Lord Ganesha. A photo of this photoshoot was also shared by Rihanna on Twitter and Facebook on Tuesday.

Complaint lodged against CEO of Twitter-Facebook
Vinod Bansal, national spokesperson of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, said, “Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have become a medium for anti-Hindu activities. Twitter and Facebook are not taking any action against those who hurt the sentiments of Hindus. So We have filed complaints against the CEOs of both social media platforms in Mumbai and Delhi.

Demand to suspend Rihanna’s Twitter account
Vinod further said, “The IT ministry has also been requested to take action in this matter. Also demanded a suspension from Twitter to suspend Rihanna’s Twitter account. If anti-Hindu activities on Facebook and Twitter are not stopped , Both of these social media platforms will be boycotted. “

Union Minister Giriraj Singh also reprimanded
After seeing Rihanna’s photo, Giriraj Singh reprimanded those who insulted Sanatan Dharma. He had said that Sanatan Dharma is so tolerant and patient that film, advertisements and piecemeal gangs take advantage of it illegally and insult our Gods and Goddesses. At the same time, even after being made a scratch against other religions, there is panic all over the world. Singh warned that our patience should not be tested further, because extreme is prohibited everywhere.

Rihanna’s last few controversies
Rihanna used music producer Cuckoo Cloe’s song ‘Doom’ while showcasing her lounger collection in her virtual runway show ‘Savage X Fenty’, which contained the Hadiths of Islam, through which the Prophet Sahab had recited Islamic culture’s customs- The customs and rules were told. Many social media users have objected to this. Rihanna later apologized for this.

A few days ago, Rihanna, while sharing the news of a news channel related to the farmers movement on social media, wrote, “Why are we not talking about this, that is India’s farmer movement?” His post was retweeted by around 2.20 lakh people. Later his Khalistani connection came to light and it was claimed that Rihanna was given around 18 crores for this one post. The Poetic Justice Foundation of Canada was said to be behind this deal.


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