Leopard’s hold strong Rakhi’s relationship: Sister kept pulling leopard, brother riding bike with one hand, clutching sister with other and leopard lost


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  • Sister Kept Pulling Leopard, Brother Riding Bike With One Hand, Clutching Sister With Other And Lost Leopard

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Sinnar (Nashik, Maharashtra)10 hours ago

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17-year-old Trupti Ravindra is injured by a copper leopard claw, while his cousin Yash Ashok Waje has leopard teeth in his leg.

  • Leopard attacked brother and sister on their way to school in Maharashtra, both saved the life of the brother’s courage

In Maharashtra’s Nashik district, a brother dragged his sister out of a leopard’s mouth. Actually, the 14-year-old brother had left the bike to drop the 17-year-old sister to the bus stop for school. Leopards in the bushes on the way to the forest attacked the donors. The leopard first bounced at the foot of the brother riding the bike. When he jerked his leg, the leopard’s mouth missed his leg. After this, the running leopard caught the sister, but only the girl’s bag came in her mouth. The scared brother still continued riding the bike. However, all the attempts of the leopard on the deserted path of 4 km forest failed and he had to return after losing. Somehow both the siblings reached the school after saving their lives instead of the bus stop. The incident is on Wednesday. 17-year-old Trupti Ravindra is injured by a copper leopard claw, while his cousin Yash Ashok Waje has leopard teeth in his leg. Read the glory of fame …

The leopard kept chasing for 200 meters, we even forgot to stop for the bus, our bike stopped straight to school

It was six o’clock on Wednesday morning. I got off the bike leaving Bua’s daughter Trupti for school 10 km away. After 4 km, bus to school was available. So thought that I will come back soon. But that 4 km route proved to be a test of life.


We had moved a little further away from the house that a leopard sitting in a bush leaped and grabbed my foot in his mouth. When I got the courage to jerk my leg, I left my leg with his mouth, but the teeth got buried in the leg. The leopard came as if he vowed that he would accept it only by hunting. As soon as I left my leg, he attacked satiety while running along with the bike.

I felt that she had struck orgasm, but as soon as she told that she is pulling backwards from the bag hanging on her back, then I understood that the bag itself has come in her mouth and the fulfillment is safe. Probably the speed of the bike was faster than the leopard race, so it did not catch satiety. Now the situation was that the bike forward and the leopard. The leopard continued to pull satisfaction.

I rode the bike with satiety with my left hand and with my right hand. This struggle lasted for about 50 meters. If God had a name in his mind, there was agility in his body. Suddenly, God listened to our prayers. The leopard stretch broke the belt of the bag. The bag got stuck in the leopard’s mouth and the speed of our bike accelerated on its own.

We understood that the leopard was left behind. We continued racing the bike without looking back. Although the leopard chased for about 200 meters. The sound of his growling was coming. After this we forgot to stop for the bus and our bike stopped at the school directly in Pandhurli.


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