Legislation against radicalism in France: Government surveillance on mosques and madrasas will increase, forcibly and also strictures on more than one marriage


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  • Government Surveillance Will Increase On Mosques And Madrasas, Strict Marriage And Forced Marriage

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Paris27 minutes ago

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On Tuesday, a bill was introduced in the Lower House of France, the lower house of parliament, to enact a law against Islamic fundamentalism. If this bill becomes law, government surveillance on mosques and madrassas in France will increase. Also, polygamy and forced marriage will be strictly legal.

President Emmanuel Macron has said that French values ​​like gender equality and secularism need to be protected, so countries making such laws are in the interest. At the same time, Muslims living in France say that this law will not only limit their religious freedom, but they will be targeted through it. He also said that since France already has enough legislation to fight terrorist violence, there is no need to introduce a new bill.


Watch for next year’s presidential elections
Critics say that this bill is being brought in view of the next year’s presidential election in France. Efforts are being made to woo conservative and right-wing voters through this bill. Since Mancro’s party has a majority in the National Assembly, this bill will easily pass from there. The Senate is also expected to pass it.

The teacher was beheaded outside the school last year
In October 2020, a teacher was beheaded by an attacker for showing a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed to students. The incident took place outside a middle school in Conflance Saint-Honorin, about 30 kilometers from the capital Paris. However, the police then killed the accused.

Even before this, in 2015, the controversial satirical magazine ‘Charley Abedo’ and terrorist attacks on a Jewish supermarket in Paris rocked the country.


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