Kissa: When wife Ayesha wrote to her girlfriend before marrying Jackie Shroff, ‘We both marry Jackie, we will live together like sisters’.


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  • When Wife Ayesha Wrote To Her Girlfriend Before Marrying Jackie Shroff, ‘We Both Marry Jackie, We Will Live Together Like Sisters’.

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An old interview of Jackie Shroff’s wife Ayesha Shroff is going viral on social media after she reached Simi Grewal’s show ‘Randevu with Simi Grewal’. During this, both Ayesha and Jackie had mentioned their love story.

Met for the first time on the road

Once Jackie Shroff was standing on the road, then she saw a 13 year old girl sitting in a bus in the school uniform. Jackie fell in love with the girl at first sight. They asked her name and said that they were going to a recording store. Would she like to come with him? Jackie then helped the girl buy a music album. The girl was none other than Ayesha, who is Jackie’s wife today.

Jackie was already dating someone else

After that meeting, the two were so impressed with each other that the relationship soon turned into love. But the love story of both was not easy. The problem was that Jackie was already in love with someone. When he met Ayesha, his girlfriend went to the US to complete her studies. Jackie was about to marry him after he arrived.


The relationship reached such a marriage bond

Ayesha had two options either to forget Jackie forever or to tell her girlfriend clearly that she loves Jackie and is going to get married. Ayesha chose the latter option. He communicated everything by writing a letter to Jackie’s girlfriend.

In this letter Ayesha also wrote an interesting thing and said to the girl, why don’t you come back, me and you will marry Jackie and live together like sisters. Ayesha said that she did this because she did not want to lose Jackie in any way and if she wanted a girl, Jackie could do two weddings. Jackie and Ayesha later married in 1987. The two have been together for the last 34 years. Tiger and Krishna are their two children.


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