Japan student gets justice: asks girl not to come if her child is not black, court verdict – it is illegal to say school


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  • Child Not Black, Asked The Student Not To Come, The Court’s Decision It Is Illegal To Say School

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Tokyo3 hours ago

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In Japan, hair dye is also prohibited for school children.

  • The court has ordered the victim girl to pay damages of Rs 2.27 lakh.
  • Student took shelter in court against arbitrariness of school in Osaka, Japan

The people of Japan are considered the most disciplined in the world. Rules and regulations are considered firm. But these rules overshadowed a school there. This school gave strict instructions to the girl with brown hair. It was said, ‘If you don’t have black hair, no need to come to school’. After this instruction, the girl left school. She went to court.

Kissa is of Habikino Province in Osaka Province. Here in 2015, a girl studied at Kaifukan Provincial High School. He was 15 at the time. His hair was naturally brown. But the school administration felt that it had got a brown color in its hair. Therefore, she warned the girl because according to the rule, the hair of all children should be ‘natural’ black. This is because Japanese hair is naturally black.


On this basis, the school administration got the girl’s hair checked. He also found his roots black. Then concluded that he had dyed his hair brown. After this he was instructed. School trips were also not allowed. Fed up with daily instructions and stopped coming to school.

The school cut off his name. In 2017, the girl petitioned the court against it. It took 4 years for the trial to come. The girl is now 21 years old. The court, while granting relief, ordered that the girl be paid 3,30,000 yen (about Rs 2.27 lakh) as compensation. It was wrong to remove him from school.

Hair dye is not allowed for school students in Japan

In Japan schools, under the rules, it is forbidden for students to paint hair and use bleach on them. It has been said on behalf of the school that the Deputy Principal had inquired about the roots of the hair of this girl’s family in a ‘surveying session’. The court also admitted that the school tried to follow the rules, but this caused stress to the student.


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