IPL vs EPL Auction: Talented players come through auction in India’s biggest league; England’s largest league operates with transfer system


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  • Talented Players Come Through Auction In India’s Largest League; England’s Largest League Operates With Transfer System

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The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the largest cricket league in the world. The English Premier League (EPL), on the other hand, is one of the most famous football leagues in the world. Players from all over the world participate in both leagues. However, the player selection system of these two sports leagues is completely different from each other.

Buying and selling in IPL is done through bidding.
IPL is dependent on the auction system to connect talented cricketers with them. A team has a total purse of 85 crore rupees. That means the total salary of all its players will be 85 crores or inside it. Apart from this, two teams can buy or sell players between two seasons and through the transfer window in mid-season.

In a two-season transfer, two teams can exchange players or a team can buy another team player through a cash deal. Like this time Chennai bought Robin Uthappa from Rajasthan through cash deal. In 2018, Hyderabad traded Abhishek Sharma, Vijay Shankar and Shahbaz Nadeem in place of Shikhar Dhawan.

Transfers in all major football leagues including EPL
Teams in most major football leagues in Europe and the world, including the EPL, connect players with them in the transfer window. Such a window opens twice a year. A window is open in the middle of the season i.e. mid-season and a window of the season. If a player is already in contract with a club, then another team can add that player to him by paying transfer fees to that club. If a player is not in contract somewhere, the club can contract directly with him.

No purse limit in football, fair play policy
In IPL, a team can spend a maximum of 85 crores on salary. There is no purse limit in EPL or any other major football league. However, they have to follow the Financial Fair Play policy. European countries follow the policy of UEFA. According to th is, a team can spend the same amount of money it earns by associating players with itself. It is prohibited to spend more than earning to get success.


IPL players also play other leagues, no relaxation in football
Players purchased in the IPL auction are free to play in other cricket leagues in the world after the tournament is over. So there are many stars who insist only on playing club cricket. Apart from IPL, they also play in many other leagues including Big Bash League, Caribbean Premier League, Pakistan Premier League.

This does not happen in football. One is that most league tournaments of football last 8 to 9 months. Players belonging to a league are allowed to play only in matches of their national team. For this also the permission of the club has to be obtained. However, Indian players playing in the IPL do not play in any other league in the world. The BCCI has put a stay on it. The biggest reason for this is that the popularity of IPL is more than the rest of the cricket league in the world.

Clubs prepare talented players in football from an early age
A major beauty of the professional football ecosystem is that in addition to contracting with star players, they identify talent at an early age and prepare them as future stars. The biggest example is Barcelona star Lionel Messi. Barcelona had added Messi at the age of 13. Trended him at his academy and became part of the junior team. Messi went on to become Barcelona’s biggest star.

IPL vs EPL players’ earnings book

  • The maximum salary of 680 crore rupees can be given in one season with 8 teams of IPL. In 2020, 195 players were involved.
  • A salary of Rs 15,386 crore has been given by 20 teams of EPL to 518 players in 2020-21.
  • The average salary of Rs 3.48 crores is for 2 months of players in IPL.
  • The average salary of 29.70 crores is 12 months for EPL stars.

IPL is not far behind in case of salary adjustment
If the salary of EPL is adjusted for two months, then the average salary per player becomes Rs 4.95 crore. That means Rs 1.47 crore more than the average salary of IPL. In contrast, adjusting the salary of IPL for 12 months, it is an average of Rs 20.88 crore per player. That is, 8.82 crores less than the average salary of EPL.


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