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  • The highest number of 134 internet shutdowns were recorded in 2018.
  • Internet shutdown for 8927 hours in India in 2020

The incidence of internet shutdown in the country is increasing continuously. According to the Internet Freedom Law Center (SFLC) Internet Shutdown Tracker, the incidence of Internet shutdown has increased by 27 times in 2020 compared to 2012. There were only three incidents of Internet shutdowns in 2012. Their number has risen to 83 in 2020.

Highest incidence of internet shutdown in 2018

According to data from SFLC, the highest number of internet shutdowns were reported in India in 2018. This was followed by the highest 106 incidents in 2019. There were 83 incidents of Internet shutdowns in 2020. During January 2021 to March 15, 2020, 385 incidents of Internet shutdown were recorded. 62% of these incidents were of restricted nature. These included a ban to maintain law and order status. According to the SFLC, 38% of Internet shutdown incidents during this period were reactive.

Most events lasted less than 24 hours

According to the data, the duration of most Internet shutdown incidents has been less than 24 hours. In only 11% of incidents, internet has been closed for more than 3 days. Of the 385 recorded incidents from 2012 to March 2020, only 80% of mobile Internet services were shut down.


Internet shutdown in 2020 causes India’s biggest economic loss

According to data released by the Internet Privacy Research Organization Top10VPN, Internet shutdown in 2020 has caused the biggest economic loss to India. There have been 8927 hours of internet blackout in India this year. This has caused the Indian economy a loss of about 3 billion dollars and 21 thousand crores rupees. About 1.03 crore internet users have been affected by this. In 2020, there has been about 27 thousand hours of internet shutdown in the whole world and this has caused a loss of about $ 4.1 billion to 29 thousand crore rupees.

More than half of internet shutdown incidents in Jammu and Kashmir alone

According to the data, 467 internet shutdown incidents have been reported since 2012. More than half of these incidents have been reported in Jammu and Kashmir alone. In Jammu and Kashmir, the highest number of Internet shutdowns of 69 were reported in 2020. On 31 January this year, the Home Ministry temporarily suspended Internet services in the Delhi-NCR region in view of the farmers’ performance.

What happens to internet shutdown?

In certain circumstances, the government bans Internet services in a particular area or country. Its purpose is to prevent the spread of misleading information. It is believed that fake news and rumors spread rapidly through the Internet. Those who risk violence. The government resorts to internet shutdowns to prevent violence from erupting. Internet shutdown may be partial or complete. Partial shutdowns do not have access to certain sites.


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