In the renewal of the health policy, the policy holders will have to pay more charge, the earnings of hospitals y {]r | In policy policy renewal, policy holders will have to pay more, hospitals’ earnings increase


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  • In The Renewal Of The Health Policy, The Policy Holders Will Have To Pay More Charge, The Earnings Of Hospitals Y {]R

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  • Insurance companies say that we will claim according to the regulator
  • Government should ban arbitrary charge of hospitals

An order from the Insurance Regulatory Insurance Development Authority of India (IRDAI) turned silver for customers taking health insurance policies. Hospitals will also earn significantly. But it is going to be a huge burden on insurance companies. This burden is being passed on by the insurance companies at the time of renewal of policies.

Insurance companies should not delay in settling the claim

IRDAI has said that general insurance companies should not delay in settling claims of Kovid-19. Even if hospitals are not following standard rates, policy holders should get full payments. The biggest concern of policy holders during the Corona epidemic has been the insufficient payment of hospitalization bills of insurance companies. Insurance companies say hospitals are charging arbitrary charges.

Hospitals are charging anything

Insurance companies say hospitals are adding anything to the bills in Corona. Even they are putting a bill for cleanliness. While cleanliness is a hospital’s own expense. Insurance companies say that policyholders should benefit but for us it is a loss. Because it is the fault of hospitals. We will pay the claims as per the advice, but should hospitals not be charged for not following the rules?

Hospitals are increasing packet rates

Insurance companies claim that many hospitals are increasing the package rate and the insurance companies have to bear the brunt of this. The GI Council has fixed a rate. In some states, state governments have also fixed a rate. That is, a hospital higher than this rate cannot be taken. According to this, hospitals attached to the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) should not have more than Rs 10,000 per day. The cost of PPE cost (Personal Protection Equipment) is Rs 1,200. It is included in this 10 thousand.


Can not bill more than 8 thousand rupees per day

In the case of non-NABH hospitals, this amount is Rs 8,000 per day. The hospital’s daily expenditure for sick patients admitted to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has been fixed at Rs 18,000 (15,000 per day for non-NABH hospital). PPE will cost Rs 2,000 in this.

Hospitals are not following standard rates

This is where the insurance companies come into question. She says hospitals are not following these standard rates. The government should force such hospitals to accept these rates. Insurance companies have also found a new way for this. They say that we will pay the bill according to the order of the regulator, but when the policy is renewed, then the policyholder will have to pay more money.

Arbitrary recovery even in room rent

Insurance companies say that even in the rent of the room, the hospital is doing arbitrary collection. Hospitals started charging new charges such as temperature check fees, PPE kit fees and cleaning fees. However, this decision of the regulator will enable policyholders to reimbursement or pay claims quickly. But the matter will be stuck in the renewal further. Because insurance companies will still have to contend with higher claim ratios. This means that for every 100 rupees taken as premium, the insurance company will have to pay 101 or more as a claim. This will increase the prices in health policies at the time of renewal.

Companies got 6,650 crore claim

By the first week of February, insurance companies have settled health insurance claims related to Kovid-19 worth Rs 6,650 crore. So far, hospitalization claims worth about Rs 13,100 crore have been filed. In recent times, it has been seen that hospitals charge more bills, especially those who have health cover. In some cases they do not even admit the patient.


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