Imran’s troubles will increase: Mosque and Madrasas operators in Pakistan will open front against the government, PM’s allegation of promise


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Islamabad33 minutes ago

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The Imran Khan government is trying to interfere in the operation of madrasas and mosques in Pakistan through a law. Preparations have been made against this. (File)

New trouble is arising for Imran Khan, already troubled by the movement of opposition parties, Pakistan Democratic Front (PDM). The operators of all the mosques and madrasas of the country have decided to take to the streets against the government. The organization of mosques and madrasas is opposing the new Waqf law of the Imran government. It is alleged that through this law, the government wants to capture mosques and madrasas.

The ulama united
According to a report in ‘The Dawn’ News, talks between the ulema and madrasa operatives of mosques recently took place. In this, the new government’s law was opposed. The Ulama say that the interference of the government in religious matters is actually a conspiracy to capture them and it will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

The resentment is that these organizations have decided to form a new front and are ready to launch a big agitation against the government. Under this, rallies will be held across the country.

Command of Maulana Zahoor
The organizations have chosen Maulana Zahoor Ahmed Alvi as their leader. He is the head of Waqful Madaris Arabia in Punjab. Apart from this, Maulana Qazi Abdul Rashid will also play an important role. Initially, scholars with five different ideologies will be given responsibility for the movement. The government has announced a new education policy for madrasas. Madrasa boards are opposing it.

Government warning
The organization has made it clear in a statement that there is no scope for any change in the operation of mosques or madrasas or in their education policy and if the government tries to intervene in it, the results will not be good. The statement said – mosques and madrasas were free and will remain free. Government or anyone else should not try to interfere in them. If this happens, then it will have to bear the consequences.


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